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All on Four

Teeth are usually extracted when there is loosening of teeth due to a gum disease, deep decay that cannot be restored or fracture of teeth due to trauma. The elderly who have lost all the teeth, usually opt for complete dentures that can be removed and cleaned. These type of dentures have several disadvantages including difficulty in speech, chewing, disability to enjoy hot and cold food. In addition to these improper cleaning of dentures may cause fungal infection such as candidiasis which appears as scrapable white path associated with burning sensation. Sometimes complete dentures can also cause irritation of oral mucosa causing discomfort. All the above disadvantages can be overcome by a new technique called.

All-on-4 . All on Four is nothing but the use of 4 long implants for the replacement of ten tio twelve teeth per jaw.

All on Four procedure helps preserve the jawbone, preventing deterioration of the facial structure associated with missing teeth and the root system that supports them. With dental implants, the caved in face and wrinkles around the lips caused by that deterioration are virtually eliminated and is worth the cost involved. This procedure creates a set of permanent teeth with a implant-supported retained bridge that is non-removable. They need not be removed. Your teeth can last a lifetime. You can bite and chew your favourite food, enjoy hot and cold food, smile and speak comfortably. How do you know if the All on Four is the right option for you?

Our experts will assess you by clinical examination followed by radiographic assessment with the state of the art 3D CBCT and formulate your treatment plan. So wait for what book your appointment at your nearest Apollo WHITE dental for to find out how dental implants can change your life.