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Why Apollo White Dental

Offering the perfect combination of personalized care and best-in-class hospitality, Apollo White is counted amongst the most favored dental clinics of the world. At Apollo White Dental we strive to achieve the highest standard of consumer service and provide you the best possible dental care.

Our infrastructure and state-of-art-technology is at par with USA, UK and other European countries to provide the best treatment and complete oral rehabilitation.

We take utmost care to ensure sterilization of instruments and equipment to prevent contamination. Apollo White Dental Spa has acquired a sterilization monitoring certificate from the University of Louisville, School Of Dentistry. We follow strict infection control protocols and have upgraded our treatment protocol to the world's leading technological advancements, to give all our guests the "Best in Class" treatment possible.

Our warm and friendly panel of expert Dentists and Guest Services Team are conversant in English,Arabic, Sudanese, Afrikaans and many Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Our internationally trained team of specialized Dentists provides speciality based Dental care in accordance to the dental needs of the patient.

We constantly upgrade our service, technology and infrastructure to provide you the latest and best in dental treatment.

We provide convenient appointments at short notice for our overseas patients.

Why Apollo White Dental Spa


The Apollo WHITE Dental Spa embodies a 7 star dental spa with world class amenities designed specially to meet the avant garde dental needs of our guests.

At WHITE Dental Spa, the pleasant experience that awaits you includes:

  • Treatment by experienced consultants using State-of-the-art Technology
  • Painless procedures with Laser Precision
  • Individual rooms for Privacy & Comfort
  • Hygienic Equipment using Triple Sterilisation Protocols

Apart from these, we offer our guests exclusive add-ons like exclusive add on like Zero gravity body massage, Pedicure & Manicure, X – Box Gaming, sound systems and pediatric dental facility.

Here, you will experience International Quality Dental Services, for which our Spa has already carved an exclusive niche.

Founder & Chairman


Dr. Pratap C Reddy