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Does ignoring a tooth issue could lead to death?

Death is the exit state of the life of a person. Not only humans, but it’s the exit state of all living organisms. Death may occur due to ageing, predation, malnutrition, disease, suicide, homicide, starvation, dehydration and accidents. Apart from these reasons, there is one more fact that most of you would don’t know is ignorance of tooth issues could also lead to death. This may be a known or unknown fact, but it is necessary to have little knowledge about your tooth issues.  Any infection in your body could lead to death, if preventive measures are not taken. 


This festive season, know the major 6 food items that destroys our tooth !!!

We all know our tooth is as  important as other vital organs in our body. Imagine an adult without tooth, whether he can manage his life without tooth? definitely not, Of course! if we loose premolars and we could face a more difficulties  with chewing our food . Teeth comes into picture of human life in early 6 months of birth. But there is the fortunate of some babies born with teeth. Yes, just like ears, nose,eyes and mouth, some babies comes with teeth during their birth. Let us go to the other parts, what happens if your tooth is missing? Missing teeth leads to problems while you speak, high level difficulty in eating, it also badly affects your smile and even leads to drastic changes to your facial structure .


Does dentist play a vital role in tobacco cessation?

Smoking cessation (also called as quitting smoking) is the process of discontinuing the habit of tobacco smoking. These tobacco smoke contains nicotine, which is rewarding. Nicotine in tobacco makes the process of quitting often difficult and makes the consumer addictive.

A dentist can recognise a patient as a smoker by diagnosing minor changes in the mouth which has a lot of possibilities to later transform into cancer . Dentists can help their patients to stop smoking by recognising oral signs of tobacco use by creating an awareness in prior also by making their patients understand the importance to stop. Then they can refer their patients who wish to stop smoking into smoking cessation services provided by specially trained experts. Not all smokers are ready to quit smoking, some have not considered quitting. Others may be considering stopping but most of them won’t have any idea about taking further steps. By enquiring and providing advice, members of the dental team can help patients from pre-contemplation, through contemplation towards action.

The ‘4 As’ model consists of

· Asking about smoking and the desire to stop,

· Advising of the value of quitting,

· Assisting the patient to stop through access to appropriate support, and

· Arranging follow up support.

A tobacco cessation consultant will assess the degree of addiction and provide appropriate aid to quit the habit such as psychological counselling in sessions, medications, rewards and follow up. Members of the dental team have the potential to help smokers to better health and oral health. To deliver this they need to be clear about their role as part of the primary healthcare team and to lobby for changes that will allow them to deliver.

Our dental team in Apollo WHITE dental have the potential to help smokers to lead a better health and oral health. SO, why hesitate? walk-in into your nearby clinic to light up your or your loved one’s future.

Clinical Discourse on “Mercury Free Dental Fillings”

Dental cavities are common and dental fillings prevent the loss of tooth structure and save the tooth. Amalgam(is a type of alloy mixture used for fillings) – commonly called the “Silver Filling” was considered the gold standard of fillings due to its strength, resistance and the ease of use. But it has a few disadvantages such as, it contains Mercury which is an industrial pollutant. Many countries in Europe have banned the usage of the same due to its potential toxicity and side effects. Even in India there has been an advice to decrease the usage of the same.


Yoga and Oral Health

There are lots of raised eyebrows, when we say Yoga is related to Dental health. However we are not kidding. Yoga not only improves your thoughts, flexibility, balance but also your dental health.


How a decayed portion is restored in our tooth?

Human tooth is made up of calcium and we all know the outer portion is strongest part enamel  which easily sticks to the food particles which generates acids leads to a state called cavity. This cavity could be replaced using one of the well known methods tooth filling .


Sleep while you undergo your treatment !!

Does the thought of a Dentist or a Dental clinic cause fear and agony? Do you feel that tooth ache is much better than sitting in a Dental chair and undergoing a dental treatment? Well many of us have this phobia. It is quite natural. However, we are there to help you overcome this stress. With the advancements in science and technology, we can reduce your anxiety by sedation dentistry.


Tooth Pain and Sensitivity



Toothache has many causes namely tooth decay, impacted Wisdom tooth Broken tooth due to trauma or injury, food collection inside gum pockets. Hence never use any over the coulter medication for pain relief without knowing the cause. The first thing you should do in case of pain is visit the Dentist. The dentist will examine you and take an X ray if needed to check the extent of infection and give you a treatment plan based on your condition.




A lot of small signs can show that you have bad breath. Have you noticed people stepping away from you when you start to talk? Do you notice an unpleasant odour when you breathe? Are you anxious about it? Are you wondering what is the reason for bad breath?


10 Tips to keep your teeth healthy


Healthy teeth is a  long term dream for most of us especially for those people who already suffers from oral disease around 60 – 80% of worlds population suffers from oral disease and most of them are school children . Today most of us are aware of oral health condition lot of associations are here to create those awareness but only few are here to tell how to maintain your oral health. Hence we came up with a list of tips that may help you in keeping your teeth healthy.