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Do our GENES alone determine our facial appearance?


Have you ever wondered how the cherubic, angelic face of a child often changes shape and becomes long, angular and sometimes alike the parents? It is because our facial appearance is not just genetic. It is also shaped by our environment.

The growing facial bones are elastic and are moulded and shaped by the way children eat, sleep, breathe and speak. The air we breathe, the tongue, the muscles of chewing and the way we bite are the very forces that determine our facial structure and therefore our appearance. Therefore our chewing habits, the breathing patterns and tongue position affect the way the facial bones are shaped and therefore our facial appearance.

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Who Is A Periodontist or gum specialist?


Periodontist is a dentist specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections and diseases of gums surrounding the teeth and the jaw bone to which the teeth are anchored.There are well experienced in most advanced techniques necessary to treat periodontal disease and place dental implants, they also perform a vast range of cosmetic procedures to enhance smile to its full extent.In course of a regular dental check up, if the general dentist finds symptoms of gum disease, a consultation with the periodontist may be recommended.

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Why teeth alignment is related to your Heart ?

coverA perfectly aligned pearly white Hollywood smile is a dream for all of us. Many of us are born with teeth that are not aligned perfectly. Research proves that teeth that are overlapping are difficult to clean in-between and they are more prone to decay or gum infection leading to a shorter life span. A 13-year follow up research conducted in Finland showed a sixty to one hundred and forty percent increase in risk for heart disease in patients who had a loss of five or more teeth. The research found correlations between missing teeth and diabetes, heart disease and death so much so that that multiple missing teeth can be an indicator of chronic diseases.

While an overlapping upper canine is considered lucky, in some regions, it’s possible that that lucky tooth may cause decay or gum infection in two more adjacent teeth. Such decay in overlapping teeth may occur as early as early or mid twenties. Continue reading Why teeth alignment is related to your Heart ?

Innovations in gum treatment- the microsurgical approach


Gum disease (periodontal diseases) is among the commonest chronic inflammatory conditions affecting the human body and is a leading cause for tooth loss. Considering that a growing body of evidence seems to suggest an association between periodontitis and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, treating gum disease may be important not just for the health of the oral cavity but general health as well. Continue reading Innovations in gum treatment- the microsurgical approach



Bleaching is one of the most popular esthetic procedures in modern dentistry, aiming to give patients a more perfect appearance and esthetic smile. Vital teeth are usually whitened by one of the two techniques including in-office bleaching and night-guard or home bleaching. In-office bleaching employs relatively high concentrations of bleaching agents for short durations, whereas in home bleaching procedure, lower concentrated bleaching gels are applied over a longer period of time for example 4-8 hours a day for 2 or more weeks. Continue reading LASER BLEACHING

Immediate teeth replacement – Childhood tooth injury

Injury to the front tooth in childhood is very common. Kids with slightly protruded teeth or poorly aligned teeth are often victims of such injuries. Sometimes the teeth fracture. Many times, the tooth that receives the blow does not crack or fracture but just turns brown over the next few years. They are seldom noticed till teenage, until they become a cosmetic problem. The patient or the parent comes to the dentist with just one request – please turn the tooth white. While masking the colour is an easy treatment, we should not treat such browned teeth lightly since such teeth are prone to cyst formation. When any front tooth receives a sudden blow, the blood supply to the tooth through the tip of the tooth is sometimes crushed resulting in pulp necrosis (death) which leads to the browning of the tooth.
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