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Can gum disease affect your developing baby?

Most of the people will be terrified on hearing , your gum disease can affect the developing baby of pregnant mother .Many researchers have found out that periodontal disease in expectant mothers actually affects their unborn child to many different risks; particularly if they also happen to be diabetes sufferers.

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9 Different types of smile


People gives each smile using a combination of a slightly different muscles and conveying different messages. Here are the 5 most common types smile and their interpretation. This is a feel that comes out when you’re meeting someone.  This is the only weapon, that has the power to make you feel warm and comfortable, the fuel behind the conversation. With just a smile you can ignite a host of emotions and interactions. Here we are listing the different types of smiles.

The hidden meanings of a smile

But did you know if the full-blown smile is accompanied by the person’s head going slightly in, it means he / she is humble? And if the person is smiling broadly and the head has a backward tilt, the person is both pleased and proud? These small gestures might escape the regular person, but when you’re aware of the underlying mechanics, you’ll realise how easy it actually is to read a person’s smile clearly. Continue reading 9 Different types of smile