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How to prepare For a Dental Check-up?

To retain a beautiful and healthy smile for life, regular dental check-ups are mandatory. It will help you to prevent the need for major dental treatments in future with the added advantage of cost effectiveness. A recommended healthy habit would be a dental visit for every six months. Enjoy a lifelong dental health with a regular check-up plan!

1) Have a Good Sleep: The ester day before your visit, give your mind and body a relaxed healthy sleep that will soothe your nerves to drive out anxiety.

2) Confirm Your Visit: A few dental clinics may take an initiative to call and confirm your appointment on the prescribed date. If not, it is mandatory that you make sure of your visit again 24 hours in advance and be on time.

3) Transfer Your Previous Records: If you’d had a home or work shift from one area to other, you must verify with your old dentist to transfer your existing dental records to the new dentist in place.

4) Brush and Floss: Don’t take your mouth dirty and stinky when you’re about to go for a dental check-up. Besides helping the dentist to examine it easily, it also serves you with better results.

5) Come Updated: Note that you come prepared with your updated medical history, any insurance and any further details on your health entailed in your document. Know that, the more you make your dentist knows about your health records, the more he/she will be able to give you a more personalized care.

6) Discuss in Detail: Make a checklist of all your queries and problems that you were experiencing such as bleeding, sensitivity or sores. Also, it is important to list down all the medicines and supplements that you take it for your temporary pains. Be honest and answer the questions of the dentist.

7) Confront Dental Anxiety: Propose all your fears about the dental treatment that you’re about to undergo to your dentist in advance so that you both can work together to reduce your anxieties and increase your comfort levels.

8) Fix the Next Checkup: Take down the post-checkup steps to be followed and stick to them accordingly. Also, decide on a follow-up appointment date at your convenience.

Your dentist may need your fullest co-operation and in return, you may also need expert professional guidance. It is of no matter whether you’re visiting a dental clinic for cleaning or check-up or any disease or any complicated treatment, the ultimate necessity is “preparedness”.



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Tongue is the strongest muscle of your body. Yes you read it right.


Tongue Cleaning, Why Important?

Do you know that your tongue is the strongest muscle of your body? Yes you read it right.

And this “strongest muscle”, if not cared and cleaned properly, can lead to an oral problem, Halitosis colloquially known as bad breath, an unpleasant odor of the mouth.

The surface of the tongue is one of the main breeding grounds for bacteria that attack teeth and gums. In addition to brushing and flossing, daily cleaning and hygiene of the tongue is an equally important part of complete mouth care.

HealthyDunia.com speaks to Dr. R. Sunitha, Endodontist & Conservative Dentist with Apollo White Dental and find out the importance of tongue cleaning.


“A healthy tongue should be slightly moist, smooth, and slightly pinkish in color. The accumulation of dead cells, bacteria and debris on the surface of the tongue can result into a white color coating on the tongue. A white tongue, if left untreated, is a strong indication of a bad breath,” says Dr Sunitha.

The oral debris on the tongue, which is the root cause of bad breath, cannot be removed by just brushing and using mouthwashes. At best they can mask the bad breath. By far tongue cleaning is the most effective way of fighting bad breath.

Here are some of the advantages of using tongue cleaners:
• Removes the toxins and bacteria from the tongue
• Massages the taste buds and improves the sense of taste
• Gives fresh breath
• Helps to improve digestion
• Reduces dental plaque
• Removes the unattractive thick white coating from the surface of the tongue
• Convenient, safe, effective, and easy to use

How to use a tongue scraper or cleaner?
Usually tongue cleaners are made of metal like gold, silver, copper, brass, tin and stainless steel. Nowadays you can find them in plastic also. Stick out your tongue. Take the two ends of the tongue cleaner in your hands and place the arch of it on the back of the tongue. Now scrape it forward a few times, rinsing the white mucous (residue on the tongue) off the cleaner every time you take it out. You can start from either side (left or right) of the tongue and work your way to the other. Rinse out  the mouth once you are done.

It should be kept in mind to never scrape hard. The sweeping strokes should be slow and from back-to-front. Scraping harder doesn’t remove more bacteria but it can make your tongue bleed. Press hard enough to make the tongue cleaner contact your and flush across the cleaning surface. Also try not to leave gaps.

Cleaning you tongue is necessary to combat bad breath and keep taste buds active. It is not difficult to do and not time consuming also. Just one extra minute daily can reward you with many advantages that also include normal tongue color.

So check out your tongue and see how rosy pink it is!

Some facts:
• Brushing teeth reduces mouth odor by 25%
• Tongue cleaning reduces mouth odor by 75%
• Brushing teeth and tongue cleaning together reduce bad breath by 85%
• Tongue cleaning reduces the amount of mucous coating on the tongue by 40%
• Tongue cleaning inhibits plaque formation on teeth by 33%
• Tongue cleaning is more effective than brushing by 50%

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