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How Stress Impacts your Oral Health!!

how-stress-impacts-oral-healthIn this digital era, one thing which is prevalent among everyone is Stress. Regardless of age, gender, socio-economic differences, everyone is succumbing greatly towards it. Stress is one of the greatest enemies of health, often takes a big toll on dental health too. When it comes to impacts on health due to Stress, there can be many things which makes a deep impact.  Stress causes gum disease, teeth grinding, cancer mouth, dry mouth and greatly impact your eating habits.

People often take very less care of themselves when they are under stress. Stress causes irritation, which leads to mood swings, and uncontrollable eating habits. When people are under stress, they tend to be awake for a longer time. This comprehensively takes the toll in the total health.

Let us in detail look at the impacts of Stress!

1. Mouth Sores:

mouth sores

People who are under stress often grind their teeth, and bite their lips, due to excessive emotional stress. This is defined by the term called Teeth grinding and/or temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Often they even ted to ignore the symptoms in the early stage and tend to regret much later when the problem magnifies.

2. Constant clenching of the teeth:

Constant clenching of the teeth

People with chronic stress without even realizing themselves will start to grind the teeth, that too continuously. If they proceed for a longer period, the enamel gets damaged initially, and consecutively enormous trouble stars. Sometimes, the tooth may have cracks and starts to brittle. As the control over oneself tend to decrease, it causes much larger problems.

3. Poor oral hygiene:


People often tend to neglect themselves when they are under stress. Hygiene and self-care become least important for the people under stress. As they continuously not give enough concentration, it starts to have problems pertaining to teeth, gums, ulcers in the mouth, mild infections. If they are sorted in the nascent stages, the damages will be very less.

4. Poor diet/nutrition:

poor dietDiet has a direct impact on dental health, as the tooth to be stronger, it constantly needs calcium minerals, vitamins to have a good health. When people are not taking enough calories, and a balanced diet, the adequate nutrition that the body requires will not be available. This may seem like a smaller problem initially, but over a period of time, if this case persists, this will develop as a root cause of bigger problems.

5. Gum disease:

gum-diseaseWhen the immunity system is very low, the overall health will decline. If there is already a dental problem, it will intensify when left uncared. Little germs or infection in the oral system will topple the balance of the tooth, often causing more problems.

6. Dry mouth:

Dry mouthStress causes a lack of saliva, leading to dryness of the mouth. When the mouth is dry, it certainly indicates that your health is under check. Saliva is very important, as it maintains the PH of the mouth, helps you to chew the food.   Saliva in your mouth has many oral health benefits, including washing away food particles from your teeth and gums. Saliva also helps in digestion. Maintaining a good oral hygiene even under stress is very important.

 How can you deal with stress?

Caution and awareness are initially very important. It is always important to take the help of a doctor, as it will alleviate your stress and pain. We can also follow the steps below, to maintain a good health.

Find relaxing techniques to help manage your stress, and help you relax.

Regular doctor’s visits and checkups, to maintain good health and composure.

Physical exercise and sweating are the best medicine for stress and help you to gain your momentum.

Get adequate sleep, as a good sleep will help you to balance your stress levels.

Eat a healthy and manage a complete balanced diet.

Engage in a routine that would help you not only to stay balanced but also to keep your mind happy and ready to accept any challenges, this era throws us. Your doctor will be your best partner to maintain a good health. Do not delay until the problem magnifies, call immediately 18001 02 02 88 to curb the problems soon or book your appointment to solve your dental issue




My gums bleed when I floss!!


Are you Health Conscious! Do you brush your teeth twice a day! Do you floss them regularly! Congratulations! Your chances of getting dental diseases are less than 34% than others. Still shocked! Brushing and flossing alone would not suffice. There might be still many reasons that you could have a dental disease.

Many people have a misconception that they will not get a dental disease if they floss regularly. A recent American survey says that, 35% of the people are still not doing the floss correctly, that it is leading them to a chronic dental disease, as left untreated.

Can we look at various reasons we bleed during flossing?

Poor Oral Hygiene

Do you know that bleeding gums are not a good sign, even when it occasional? People are neither frequently nor effectively flossing the tooth. People often not spend enough time to floss, resulting in unwarranted issues. The other main reason for poor oral hygiene is hereditary. It is highly important to be conscious of your dental hygiene.

Diet Matters

Do you know that the tooth is directly affected by the number of sugars you consume? Your teeth also have a threshold. If you force feeds yourself, then you are knowingly damaging your tooth. Processed foods, junks without nutritional value, will rather damage your immune system, resulting in the poor tooth. Eating nutritional food, in turn, boosts your immune system and helps you to maintain good health.


Smoking is an important reason to have gum disease, as there are many toxins in cigarettes, which create inflammation and decrease the immunity system. Smoking also leads to fibrous and enlarged gums. Even though you floss regularly, smoking will certainly damage the hygiene of your mouth. 


People often ignore the important factor which causes the great damage. Agitation and anxiety cause inflammation in the blood vessels and breaks down the soft tissue in the mouth. This may even delay the healing process in the mouth.


If you have a strong family history of dental problems, you are also likely to suffer out of diseases. You should be really careful, and more prudent when your health is concerned. More than 35% of the population suffer out of hereditary diseases.


People often ignore an important factor, taking medicines for different diseases. Dryness of mouth is one such factor, which causes irritation, lack of saliva and other related problems. This will affect you thoroughly, medicines may lead to cause severe side-effects, which can have a direct impact in the oral health.


Hormones cause enormous changes. Pregnant women often suffer out of severe oral problems, as women are prone to hormonal changes. They should take enormous care during pregnancy, to avoid problems.

 A dentist could be of perfect guidance and support to completely care for your dental problems. Never ignore the slightest symptoms. Many people, even when they floss regularly are likely to have oral diseases for many reasons we discussed here. No chances should be taken, especially when it comes to health and oral care. As the best investment you do is investing in yourself by taking proper care.

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How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!

How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!

Tooth gets broken, cracked or chipped due to several factors. Paying immediate attention to your tooth is important. Many people are not paying enough attention when there is a minor problem in the tooth until it gets worse and leaves unbearable pain. Worse than that! They do self-medication, which is even more harmful. Let us analyze the factors which cause tooth damage, and try to do a fix, which is longstanding.

Let us consider the causes in which people have their tooth broken, damaged or chipped:

Chewing hard foods candies, nuts or other hard substances

Biting something unexpectedly.

Using the tooth for opening the bottle or cutting the thread

Sudden attack or assault, which is totally unexpected.

Minor accidents which harm the tooth

The underlying decay beneath the tooth’s surface

Acidic food will harm the tooth’s surface

When the old fillings are completely worn-out

When the enamel of the tooth is weak.

Let us look in detail, how we can fix the broken, chipped or cracked tooth:

Broken Tooth:

How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!Often the tooth breaks partially, exposing the nerves and dental pulp. It might also be bleeding. Sometimes, it might also not pain, but have damaged very hard due to the infections which caused the tooth to get decayed.

If your tooth was strong and had chipped by accident, you can get immediate remedy by putting it into the milk, and reach the dentist immediately. If the decay is due to other factors, the dentist would able to decide on which method would heal your tooth better, stronger, quicker and in the most effective manner.

Cracked Tooth:

How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!

The simple crack of the tooth is classified into various degrees. Craze lines are minor crack, which only affects the outer enamel. The dentist may just able to polish the rough surface and need not have to do many difficult treatments. The crack in the tooth should not be ignored. It gets deeper and reaches the root of the tooth, causing many other troubles.

The tooth can be saved soon, if the crack is detected early, The Dentists will just work on the surface of the tooth. Dentists often resort to minor fillings in case of the crack on the surface of the tooth is little deeper. If the problem still persists, and the pulp of the tooth is damaged, the doctor will often do the methods of removing the tooth cap, root canal treatment, depending upon the problem area.

Chipped Tooth:

How do Dentist Fix Broken Teeth!

Chipping of a tooth is common among children or sportsman. They are mainly caused due to accidents. The other major reason for chipping of a tooth is due to the enamel loses its strength. When your tooth is chipped, they often say that it is very important to immediately preserve it in milk or saliva.

The dentist may able to fix it with the dental adhesive, provided if there is no underlying decay of the tooth. It is better than the doctor is reached sooner to get the chances of getting back your tooth. Delay in the procedure may hamper the treatment. A veneer or a crown can be placed on top of the tooth, in case if it needs some cosmetic adjustments to look fine.

Resort to your dentist, as soon as you detect a problem. Procrastination of problems may lead it to spread rapidly, especially with the tooth as underlying decay and infections should be treated as soon as possible.


Ways to keep your mouth fresh during ramzan!!


Ways to keep your mouth fresh during ramzan!!

Fasting, prayers, meditation is a way of submitting our souls to the almighty, and purify our thoughts and actions. The holiest month on this planet, Ramzan ensures a month of fasting for the entire month and feasting on the 30th day. Prayers echoes across all the places, cleansing the mind, body, and soul of a person.  During the fast, the drinking of water is prohibited, as a result, it causes dryness of the mouth, this becomes the main cause of bad odor.

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Top 5 Indian actors who had the worst set of teeth in their past!!

Top 5 Indian actors who had the worst set of teeth in their past!!

India definitely stands distinctly ahead in the entertainment industry. Beautiful, stunning stylish models have made their way, being brand ambassadors and endorse world’s richest brands. Achieving a celebrity smile is very important for popular faces. When it comes to movie stars, celebrities, their smile forms the major role in their success. It becomes very necessary for them to maintain their smile and teeth. Let us have a look about top 5 Indian celebrities who had a major transformation because of their Dentist.

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Replace your missing tooth! 

Replace your missing tooth! 

As a child, have you ever prayed to your “Tooth Fairy”, to give back your milk teeth once after it is fallen? She must have heard your wish! Due to advancements in science and technology, your wish of getting your missing tooth replaced has been made possible.  There are multiple choices in which you can choose from it, whether you want a permanent fixture? Or temporary ones? Science and advanced technology have all the answers.

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7 Ways of preventing your Tooth decay!!

7 Ways of preventing your Tooth decay!!

The awareness of Dental Hygiene is highly important for a healthy life. Unknown to many, the tooth has fine nerve endings, and the tooth decay is not just the problem related to the mouth, but the connection is with the whole body. As we all know that, tooth decay is the destruction of tooth enamel, and the tooth gets really spoilt, spreading the infection to another tooth. What we are not aware is, tooth decay will lead to serious troubles like the heart attack. As your tooth has minute cavities and they are the carriers of small infection which leads to major problems.

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Clinical Discourse on “Mercury Free Dental Fillings”

Dental cavities are common and dental fillings prevent the loss of tooth structure and save the tooth. Amalgam(is a type of alloy mixture used for fillings) – commonly called the “Silver Filling” was considered the gold standard of fillings due to its strength, resistance and the ease of use. But it has a few disadvantages such as, it contains Mercury which is an industrial pollutant. Many countries in Europe have banned the usage of the same due to its potential toxicity and side effects. Even in India there has been an advice to decrease the usage of the same.

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How a decayed portion is restored in our tooth?

Human tooth is made up of calcium and we all know the outer portion is strongest part enamel  which easily sticks to the food particles which generates acids leads to a state called cavity. This cavity could be replaced using one of the well known methods tooth filling .

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