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5 Worst Consequences of Not Brushing Your Teeth Regularly


If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day not only leads to oral issues such as tooth decay or gum disease, but also lays increases bacterial count, and can weaken your immune system if your body is already affected with any other disease.. Here are few after effects that could be your results of not brushing your teeth regularly.

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Many people think dentist and dental clinics are factor of fear by hearing some dental myths at some point in their lives which affected their consciousness. Such dental myths can affect a person’s perception of a dentist and what he does causing him or her to put off visits to the dentist. This could lead to serious oral health issues and long-term dental problems which could result to painful dental procedures.There are lot of myths surrounding Dental, Oral health and Dentists. If these Myths are explained properly then many problems surrounding dentistry can be solved and people can have a good oral health.

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