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Do our GENES alone determine our facial appearance?


Have you ever wondered how the cherubic, angelic face of a child often changes shape and becomes long, angular and sometimes alike the parents? It is because our facial appearance is not just genetic. It is also shaped by our environment.

The growing facial bones are elastic and are moulded and shaped by the way children eat, sleep, breathe and speak. The air we breathe, the tongue, the muscles of chewing and the way we bite are the very forces that determine our facial structure and therefore our appearance. Therefore our chewing habits, the breathing patterns and tongue position affect the way the facial bones are shaped and therefore our facial appearance.

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How to prepare For a Dental Check-up?

To retain a beautiful and healthy smile for life, regular dental check-ups are mandatory. It will help you to prevent the need for major dental treatments in future with the added advantage of cost effectiveness. A recommended healthy habit would be a dental visit for every six months. Enjoy a lifelong dental health with a regular check-up plan!

1) Have a Good Sleep: The ester day before your visit, give your mind and body a relaxed healthy sleep that will soothe your nerves to drive out anxiety.

2) Confirm Your Visit: A few dental clinics may take an initiative to call and confirm your appointment on the prescribed date. If not, it is mandatory that you make sure of your visit again 24 hours in advance and be on time.

3) Transfer Your Previous Records: If you’d had a home or work shift from one area to other, you must verify with your old dentist to transfer your existing dental records to the new dentist in place.

4) Brush and Floss: Don’t take your mouth dirty and stinky when you’re about to go for a dental check-up. Besides helping the dentist to examine it easily, it also serves you with better results.

5) Come Updated: Note that you come prepared with your updated medical history, any insurance and any further details on your health entailed in your document. Know that, the more you make your dentist knows about your health records, the more he/she will be able to give you a more personalized care.

6) Discuss in Detail: Make a checklist of all your queries and problems that you were experiencing such as bleeding, sensitivity or sores. Also, it is important to list down all the medicines and supplements that you take it for your temporary pains. Be honest and answer the questions of the dentist.

7) Confront Dental Anxiety: Propose all your fears about the dental treatment that you’re about to undergo to your dentist in advance so that you both can work together to reduce your anxieties and increase your comfort levels.

8) Fix the Next Checkup: Take down the post-checkup steps to be followed and stick to them accordingly. Also, decide on a follow-up appointment date at your convenience.

Your dentist may need your fullest co-operation and in return, you may also need expert professional guidance. It is of no matter whether you’re visiting a dental clinic for cleaning or check-up or any disease or any complicated treatment, the ultimate necessity is “preparedness”.



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7 Benefits of Celebrity Smile by Apollo White Dental!

What is the first thing that attracts you when you meet a person?
67% people claimed that smile is the first thing they notice when they meet someone new!
And with the advent of technology, getting the smile of your dreams is much easier than you would have ever thought!

One such way to get that flawless smile is Celebrity smile by Apollo White Dental!

What is celebrity smile?
Celebrity smiles, one of the latest innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry are removable veneers tailor-made to give you that flawless smile!

Not convinced yet?
Read these 7 benefits of celebrity smile before you decide on going for a dental treatment to get the perfect smile!

1. Hides all your dental flaws:

Celebrity Smile can be used to treat several issues. Be it missing tooth, gaps between your teeth, stained teeth or crowded teeth, Celebrity Smile can hide them all! Celebrity Smile can turn your dream of a perfect smile into a reality!

2. Cosmetic alternative to permanent veneers:

Don’t want to deal with permanent veneers or crowns? We bring you the perfect alternative!
Our Celebrity Smile product is removable and hence it becomes much easier to handle them when compared to permanent veneers or braces.

3. Painless & Convenient:

Now you can give the drilling, anaesthesia and adhesives a miss to get your perfect smile with Apollo White Dental’s Celebrity Smile! Celebrity Smile is also convenient because it is tailor-made for you & fit snugly over your teeth.

4. Minimal thickness & Highly flexible:

The Celebrity Smile teeth veneer is made from a special German material called copolyester which is known for its minimal thickness & high flexibility. This makes it fit like a glove on your teeth and makes it an apt choice for anyone!

5. Looks natural:

Celebrity Smile is tailor-made to suit your teeth type & shape. Contrary to the common myths, it doesn’t steal the natural look of your teeth.

6. Can be worn while eating:

If you have ever had braces in the past, you know all about the list of foods you’ll have to stay away from. Unlike the other inventions in the dentistry field, the Celebrity Smile veneer can be worn while eating or drinking and are not prone to stains due to drinking or eating habits.

7. Duration of the treatment:

Unlike the other dental treatments like braces, Celebrity Smile can be fabricated & delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks, which is approximately about 2 dental visits!


No matter how old you are, a confident smile is an important part of making a good first impression! And we at Apollo White Dental help you get that perfect first impression with Celebrity Smile!

This highly specialized service was launched at the Spring/Summer collection of the ace designer Sidney Sladen at the Leela  Palace, Chennai! Take a look at the display below:

Want to know more?
Visit us at http://www.apollowhitedental.com/ or call us at +91 954 3368478!

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5 Advantages Of Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth are more prevalent in adult nowadays because of improper dental care and unhygienic food habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, improper brushing and much more. Yellow teeth make many people feel dejected, inferior and hence result in loss of self-confidence within oneself. With the behemoth advancement in technology, dental discoloration can be tackled easily with advanced dental procedures like teeth whitening. The following can give you the clear picture of the importance and advantages of teeth whitening:

1. Attractive appearance

Clean, white teeth enhance your smile and physical attributes. Imagine how drastically your look and smile will impact others when you have perfectly whitened teeth! Yes, very positively indeed. Moreover having bright teeth eliminates low confidence due to uneven smile.

2. Affordable and Effective

The dental advancement in recent years has brought a lot of new techniques for enhancing the discoloration of teeth. With such advancements, teeth whitening procedures have become more affordable & effective!

3. No side effects

When it comes to teeth whitening procedures, complete safety is guaranteed with no harmful side effects. The procedure for the same has become simpler and requires negligible amount of time.

4. Remove deep stains

Are you suffering, struggling and finding it awkward to smile wide in front of people because of stains on your teeth? Teeth whitening is the best solution! With advanced teeth whitening treatment, removing deep stains is no more a complex procedure.

5. Boosts Self-confidence

Sometimes, all you need is a good smile to make things work. Having healthy, clean and white teeth boosts one’s self-confidence. Try brightening your teeth and witness how it brightens your days.  After all, a flawless smile is the best accessory you can wear!

No more hiding or tightening lips to avoid smiling openly in public places!
Still have second thoughts?
Talk to our experts and get them cleared!

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Orthodontic Treatment 

Orthodontic Braces: The secret to that perfect smile!


For some the condition is less severe and doesn’t mandate any treatment, but for others a solution is very much available.

A charming smile is what everyone desires but not everyone is blessed with it. Studies have shown that the prevalence of malocclusion amongst the population of India ranges from 40-70% varying demographically and only a third of them are aware of their condition. For some the condition is less severe and doesn’t mandate any treatment, but for others a solution is very much available.

What is it?
Malocclusion is the variation form normal position of teeth which may be crooked, protruding, or widely spaced teeth. A malocclusion may manifest as a heredity problem or may develop as a result of childhood habits (such as thumb sucking), premature tooth loss, or for reasons unclassified.

Malocclusion is not an oral disease, however it is a condition that affects oral function (such as chewing food & speech), and impairs oral hygiene that leads to tooth decay and gum problems. Compromised facial and smile esthetics that manifests as a result of the malocclusion can lead to lack of self-confidence, and even depression as documented in many survey studies conducted world over.

Signs & Symptoms!
The most obvious sign of malocclusion is the compromised esthetics from irregular teeth position such as protruding front teeth, crowding of teeth, spacing between teeth, deep overlap of front teeth or asymmetrical alignment of teeth. Other symptoms would include difficulty in chewing food, slurred speech and occasional pain in the jaw joint (near the ear).

Who can treat?
Orthodontic treatment is whats required to treat a malocclusion. Dentists who are specially trained to correct malocclusion are called ORTHODONTISTS. They conduct various diagnostic investigations and carry out a treatment procedure that best suits you, based on your needs and requirement.

The Right Time to Visit:
For children dental visits should start at an young age (6 years old) annually, both to help the child become familiar with the dentist and to watch for any early predisposing factors leading to malocclusion. As for adults, besides addressing the esthetic concern, the earlier one gets treated, the lesser is the chance for the occurrence of gum problems and tooth decay resulting from the inability to maintain oral hygiene.

Treatment Overview:
An orthodontist uses a removable or in most cases a fixed appliance to correct malocclusion. Removable appliance are used to intercept a habit or to guide the jaws into proper positioning during the growth stage (8-11 years of age). The fixed appliance (braces / clips) are used to correct the teeth alignment. Treatment usually lasts over a period of 12 to 24 months depending on the complexity of the problem. During the treatment, one has to visit the orthodontist on a monthly basis to tighten the braces which will guide the teeth into correct position.

Orthodontic treatment is easier, quicker and less expensive to treat when they are corrected early, during childhood. The treatment in adults is often successful, but may require a longer use of braces.
To know more about Orthodontic / Smile Designing, feel free to get in touch with our highly qualified and experienced team of dental practitioners at Apollo WHITE Dental. Let them take care of your sparkling smile and that of your kids!


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