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How a decayed portion is restored in our tooth?

Human tooth is made up of calcium and we all know the outer portion is strongest part enamel  which easily sticks to the food particles which generates acids leads to a state called cavity. This cavity could be replaced using one of the well known methods tooth filling .

Why i need an replacement?

teeth filling in chennai
teeth filling in chennai

As we all know the teeth is of 3 layers enamel , dentin and pulp .  If the bacteria can penetrate through the most strongest part enamel than reaching dentin and pulp won’t be a big process since they are very soft when compared to the outer part enamel. This leads to severe pain




What is filling?

They are type of materials that is used to restore the damaged or decayed part of the tooth into its original shape and function. When a dentist decides to perform filling first they remove the decay tooth part and clean the damaged area and then goes for filling out the cavity part with the filling material. There are also some types of fillings available

Types of fillings:-

Silver filling (Amalgam)

filling in chennai

A filling is a replacement of lost tooth material. It may have been due to decay (bacteria which destroys the teeth with its acid) or fracture (a force that has broken the tooth) .The convensional “silver” filling – which is avoided now due to the potential environmental pollution due to the mercury in the filling.

Advantages : 

• Economic
• Not very technique sensitive and easy to perform

Composite (plastic)

 teeth filling in chennai

The “composite” resin fillings that are made to match the tooth colour perfectly. They are used to re-shape and restore broken teeth, cavities even in the front teeth so that they look perfectly natural

Advantages :

• Most aesthetic and natural colour looking
• Can be repaired if damaged

GIC (Glass Ionomer Cement)

The deep cavities demand special attention. Deep cavities mean that the bacteria has reached the vital center of the tooth and hence the fillings are made to protect the pulp as well as promote healing. They are mostly white in colour. Fillings done with tooth coloured high strength filling material which releases fluoride. Fluoride prevents secondary decay


• No invasive drilling is required as filling bonds strongly to tooth
• Fluoride content of filling makes it anti-caries material

Gold Fillings

One of the best fillings as they are well tolerated by gum tissues, and may last upto 20 years most expensive fillings too.


Type of restoration method used to repair the damaged portion which is similar to fillings used to fits inside the top edge.They strengthen the tooth and remaining dental structure when fabricated and placed.


When lost of enamel is large, a crown shaped substance is used to cover over the damaged portion. Usually this is done when the damage is 3/4 of the amount.

Teeth replacement in chennai
Teeth replacement in chennai

Advantages :

• They strengthen the tooth and remaining dental structure when fabricated and placed.
• It can be finished and polished well so will not trap plaque and food debris.

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Teeth filling in chennai

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