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Why Apollo WHITE dental?

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Fear of going to dentist affects over 90% Indians. Dental avoidance, the noise of drill, the fear of pain, phobia, inhibition and other concerns contribute to dental stress and anxiety. Apollo WHITE Dental is unique in that basis providing a full range of dental and cosmetic treatments in a relaxed ambiance.Our desire to give most comfortable dental experience possible has motivated us to import and implement the latest dental technology into our dental care centers; from the reception to treatment rooms and dental chair.With luxurious ambiance, 5-star hospitality, the Apollo White Dental Spa is a completely inimitable experience in Dentistry.

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Halt the Rise : Beat Diabetes through Oral Health Maintenance

Untitled-1World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared year 2016 campaign as “Halt the rise: beat diabetes” to stop the spread of this preventable lifestyle disease that is afflicting India at large. Recent scientific evidence shows that there is two-way relationship between diabetes and gum disease, with diabetes increasing the risk for pyorrhea and gum infection increasing blood sugar. Continue reading Halt the Rise : Beat Diabetes through Oral Health Maintenance