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Various symptoms that you should undergo, Jaw Correction Treatment!!

Jaw correction surgery

Face reconstruction or a jaw bone surgery will not only lift your face but ultimately lifts your confidence. Early problems and minor dislocations which are unable to be corrected by braces and other methods require surgeries. The operation is commonly performed for dental irregularities, malalignment of teeth generally.  A jaw correction surgery will help you to enhance your chewing, speaking and breathing.

People do not take jaw correction seriously until it causes them serious troubles like headaches, tinnitus, facial and ear pain. It is very important to self-evaluate, to find if the Jaw is dislocated or not.

There are various symptoms in which you can find that if your jaw is misaligned or not.

  • Difficulty in speaking

The first and foremost symptom is difficulty in speaking. The teeth will make the tongue to hamper its natural movement, hence it causes enormous obstacles in the natural way of speaking. It affects the way in which you pronounce and converse.

  • Excessive mouth breathing

Jaw Correction SurgeryWhen your jaw is not perfectly aligned, you will certainly feel the discomfort. Even when you are sleeping, you will exert the same pressure, and tend to do excessive mouth breathing. Over a period of time, excessive breathing will be an invitation to other problems like sleep apnea and snore.

  • Sleep problems

Jaw Correction SurgeryJaw Correction SurgeryDue to malalignment, excessive pain causes irregular sleep pattern and difficulty in falling asleep.  The pain due to malalignment is a common phenomenon. The pressure on the face is not evenly distributed, and tend to be aligned in a completely different direction. When the sleep-related problems are not treated properly, it causes major health-related problems like stress, anxiety disorder, and irritation.

  • A headache

Jaw Correction SurgeryHeadaches and migraines are also very common as you suffer due to improper jaw alignment. As the problem persists for a longer period, it causes great trouble for the person. Even when speaking, eating and chewing, it becomes very common to have terrible headaches.

  • Face, neck and ear pain

Jaw Correction SurgeryAlong with a severe headache, due to improper positioning of the jaw, many people go through pain in the areas of the neck, ear, and face. The muscles are contracted in one area and are expanded in the other, causes constant malalignment of the face. It not only causes terrible pain and discomfort but also has terrible disfiguration.

  • Premature Ageing

Jaw Correction SurgeryWrinkles, squeezed lips together all the factors contribute to the aged look which is the most undesirable for anyone. It not only breaks the confidence but also gives a very undesirable look. Many people are not aware that the improper alignment could be the culprit behind both physical and psychometric problems.

Why should we do a Jaw Correction Surgery?

There is a common myth that jaw corrective surgeries are painful, and will long time to heal. It requires two doctors to simultaneously perform the operation on a patient. With advanced methods of surgery and healing, jaw correction is highly preferred by many people.

It is a one-time cure for your lifetime problem. Surgically it takes only a few hours to perform the operation, and two weeks of healing time.

Consult your dentist regularly, to have an overall enhanced health and for a healthy smile.

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