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Why Are Some of Us Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

Why Are Some of Us Born Without Wisdom Teeth?

Let us break the old myth that wisdom tooth appears only when we receive knowledge or wisdom. The age-old English proverb is nothing but a myth. This has been proved wrong when a great scientist like Einstein were also some of the renowned people without the wisdom tooth. On the contrary, the size of the brain has a direct connection with a molar, moreover, evolution and genetics also play a major role in the appearance of a molar tooth.

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Wisdom Teeth

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Problems with wisdom teeth

When there is not enough room in the jaw for wisdom teeth, it can stop them coming through properly. Brushing and flossing these teeth can be difficult. Food and bacteria can get stuck between the wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it, leading to tooth decay and gum infections.

Crowded wisdom teeth in the upper jaw often lean sideways and rub against the cheek. This may cause ulcers on the cheek and chewing problems. Wisdom teeth may also push the other teeth closer together and affect a person’s bite. Continue reading Wisdom Teeth