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This festive season, know the major 6 food items that destroys our tooth !!!

We all know our tooth is as  important as other vital organs in our body. Imagine an adult without tooth, whether he can manage his life without tooth? definitely not, Of course! if we loose premolars and we could face a more difficulties  with chewing our food . Teeth comes into picture of human life in early 6 months of birth. But there is the fortunate of some babies born with teeth. Yes, just like ears, nose,eyes and mouth, some babies comes with teeth during their birth. Let us go to the other parts, what happens if your tooth is missing? Missing teeth leads to problems while you speak, high level difficulty in eating, it also badly affects your smile and even leads to drastic changes to your facial structure .

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Tooth Pain and Sensitivity



Toothache has many causes namely tooth decay, impacted Wisdom tooth Broken tooth due to trauma or injury, food collection inside gum pockets. Hence never use any over the coulter medication for pain relief without knowing the cause. The first thing you should do in case of pain is visit the Dentist. The dentist will examine you and take an X ray if needed to check the extent of infection and give you a treatment plan based on your condition.

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Many people think dentist and dental clinics are factor of fear by hearing some dental myths at some point in their lives which affected their consciousness. Such dental myths can affect a person’s perception of a dentist and what he does causing him or her to put off visits to the dentist. This could lead to serious oral health issues and long-term dental problems which could result to painful dental procedures.There are lot of myths surrounding Dental, Oral health and Dentists. If these Myths are explained properly then many problems surrounding dentistry can be solved and people can have a good oral health.

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