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This Valentine’s Day get Closer With Confidence – Avoid Bad Breath

Speaking is is an option to share your ideas, thoughts and feelings with others,  while people enjoy your way of speaking, what if it is whiffy?. Yes, it may disturb others and make them keep a distance from us all of sudden. If on normal days these scenarios are okay but what if we undergo these situation on a  valentine’s day ?, everything will mess-up for sure because valentine’s day is not just like normal day it’s something special where bunch of feelings would be shared orally. To prevent this from  happening, get a expert advice on bad breath on this valentine evening, and undergo a a fresh and odoriferous conversation. Experts states that ”fresh breath brings confidence your speech which avoids lingering”.

Bad breath is nothing but the lousy odour of the mouth. Bad breath is also called as halitosis. There are number of reasons behind the formation of bad breath and they are listed below.

What are the causes for bad breath?

As we stated the causes of bad breath or halitosis are many, but the vast majority reports due to bad oral hygiene. Bad breath can also be caused by dry mouth due to reduced salivary flow in your mouth and the role of saliva is  it cleanses your  mouth and removes particles that may cause odour.

The potential causes for halitosis are tobacco usage & some food particles that possess stinky smell like garlic and onions. Even the pungent smelling drinks like alcohol and coffee are the cause of  bad breath. Improper diet, fasting, and low-carbohydrate diets, dehydration are other possible cause of bad breath. Some times bad breath also causes due to respiratory infections.

Do you know ?

” Bad breath  affects an estimated 25 percent of people that is 4 in 1 people globally “

Is halitosis measurable?

Halitosis can be measured using a instrument known as  halimeter . A halimeter is an instrument for measuring the level of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in your mouth. Volatile sulphur compounds are the hydrogen sulphide and methanethiol thus this instrument helps in detecting or diagnosing the level of bad breath (halitosis) in your mouth.

Prevention is better than cure

It is better to prevent bad breath by taking precautions like eating foods that are rich in fiber, routine mouthwash, drinking green and black tea  instead of other strong drinks, cleanses your mouth after eating meat, fish or dairy products , stop smoking, breath through your nose instead of your mouth, drink water ,eliminate dairy products , floss at least twice in a day.

What if my mouth is too smelly?

It’s not too late ..Our experts from Apollo WHITE dental could still save you from the problems that you face in your day to day life due to you whiffy breath. Walk-in to our nearest clinic. For prior appointments call 1800 02 02 88 or click below

Enjoy this valentine’s day with good breath exchange!!!!!

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