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What are the danger signs of tooth abscess?

Abscess tooth problem
Abscess tooth problem

There are plenty of problems that occurs in our mouth. But among all one of the major issues facing by most of the individuals are abscess teeth, thus we need to be educated enough in order to prevent these problems . Before knowing about the signs we must be aware of what is abscess tooth?

Abscess tooth, which is adjacent to a place where pus gets deposited and forms like a pocket. Why do these pus forms? The pus formation are due to the bacterial infection. Bacteria gets in via a dental cavity or a chip or crack in the tooth and later spreads all the way down to the root. It may also causes swelling and inflammation at the edge of the root. The dental abscess are classified based upon the place of pus formation as they can be formed anywhere inside mouth, the abscess can also occur at different regions of the tooth .

The two types of abscess tooth are  periapical abscess and  periodontal abscess. Normally periapical abscesses occur at the root of the tooth  because of  bacterial infection that are piled-up in the pulp of the tooth. This accumulation are due to the tooth decay and broken teeth. When coming to the other type periodontal abscess, it occurs usually in the gums closest to the tooth and mostly forms within the tissues of the periodontium.


Danger signs are

danger signs of Abscess tooth problem

The danger signs of abscess tooth are many, first we will know the initial symptoms . The primary danger signs are localized swelling and pain in your face or cheek ,which later leads to progressively worse conditions in few days, sensitivity towards hot and cold temperatures especially when we are affected by periapical abscesses, pain during biting or chewing of hard stuffs, and also there are chances for the person to be affected by fever.

NOTE: Major symptoms are relentless toothache, the reddish swollen gums, filthy taste in mouth and bad breath.

What if, it is untreated ?

If the above danger signs are left untreated then we have to face major issues. The unprocessed bacterial infection from a tooth abscess can be strangely dangerous and it might spread to your jaw, neck, or brain. It might also develop sepsis  ( the presence in tissues of harmful bacteria and their toxins, typically through infection of a wound ) otherwise known as septicaemia, as we all know that sepsis. There are also other serious complications like Ludwig’s Angina, occurs due to the bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus, which has the risk of closing the airway and leads to suffocation, it may also bring a serious issue called brain abscesses which may occur rarely,  leads to surgical drainage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy(HBOT) , and other bacterial infections such as meningitis, which can require lengthy hospitalisation.

Individuals with weak immune systems have a higher risk of the bacterial infection extending from their tooth to the other parts of their body, and owing to teeth’s proximity to the brain, infections can spread promptly from the tooth to the jaw and directly to the brain, which is a serious cause.

To avoid facing these obstacles, be cautious about the danger signs of abscess tooth. If find any of the above symptom in your health, then consult our dental specialist and get free from abscess tooth and lead a healthy oral life with pearly smile. For best dentist in Chennai Call 18001 02 02 88 or click below for prior appointments.

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