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Wilckodontics- an accelerated orthodontic treatment within 3-8 months

Now-a-days, even people who brush regularly, faces numerous amount of dental issues. Those dental issues leads to other health diseases like diabetes, respiratory problems etc… Sometimes oral issues also lead to deathly diseases like oral cancer. It is compulsory to take care of our oral health as  we take care of our overall health. Some of the oral issues invade changes in our facial structure, improper arrangement of our tooth is one of the major issues among.

From olden days till now, 1 out of 10 people are facing the malocclusion of teeth issue. To overcome this, people undergoes orthodontic treatment. Generally, your teeth should fit easily in your mouth without any congesting or spacing issues. What must be done if your tooth is crowded/congested? Nothing serious, as this stage, this becomes the common issues. Orthodontics is the treatment for alignment of disarranged teeth and the specialised dentist who does this process are known as orthodontist.


What is new in orthodontics?

We all know that Orthodontic therapy is a traditional method of teeth alignment, but now experts have come up with an advanced innovation in this treatment is Wilckodontics. Wilckodontics is also known as Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) cause Wilckodontics is combination of orthodontic treatment and periodontal approach. . This is the new advancement introduced in orthodontic treatment. This method accelerates the traditional orthodontic treatment by 3-4 times faster than normal. Typical orthodontic treatment can take 12–36 months but, wilckodontics reduces the treatment period to 6-9 months. What is special about this new method? The new method involves prompting the bone surrounding the teeth into a mode, which allows for the teeth to be moved much faster than in traditional process of teeth alignment. This treatment  is free of age of age-limit and also a safe method for straightening teeth in very short period.


What exactly Wilckodontics is?

If length of traditional orthodontic treatment holds your time back then wilckodontics may help you at this point. This therapy helps in orthodontic tooth movement, which is influenced by increased alveolar bone metabolism, alveolar bone is nothing but the bone which has tooth sockets. Also it increases the bone turnover rate, which determines the quantity and quality of orthodontic tooth movement. This treatment is also known as corticotomy. The gain of this short period treatment gives a significant results with patients undergoing this treatment instead of traditional method.  You can clearly see a better-improved orthodontic experience in wilckodontics when compared to other orthodontic treatments . This treatment also helps in making a strong bone foundation which will help you to prevent major periodontal issues like gum recession, furcation invasion etc…


What happens if misaligned teeth are not treated?

The improper alignment of the teeth leads to several issues, some of them are modification in the appearance of the face, feeling discomfort when chewing or biting hard food stuffs, speech problems, and also causes respiratory issues, where we used to breathe through the mouth rather than the nose.

In-order to prevent these oral problems, avail the accelerated Wilckodontics treatment from the country’s most trusted dental leader and and unleash your pleasing smile. For expertised consultation  call 18001 02 02 88 or visit the link below



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