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Teeth in a Day

Missing teeth

Teeth are usually extracted when there is loosening of teeth due to a gum disease, deep decay that cannot be restored or fracture of teeth due to trauma. Extraction of teeth is complete removal of tooth with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue so that healing is complete and teeth can be replaced without complications.

Is Replacement of Teeth Necessary?

Missing tooth/teeth has to be replaced as it restores function and improves aesthetics. If an extracted tooth is not replaced, it leads to migration of adjacent and opposing teeth in order to fill the extraction space. This leads to food impaction causing dental caries in adjacent teeth, weakens the adjacent teeth which may lead to loosening of Teeth in a day in due course of time ultimately leading to loss adjacent and opposing teeth. Hence it is important that teeth are replaced as early as possible. The common fear of replacement of missing teeth is that it takes a long time to replace and adjacent teeth have to be contoured to make a bridge. But with the advent of implants teeth can be replaced in a day. Dental implant functions just like a natural tooth, is therefore considered as a new standard in tooth replacement. Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or complete replacement of upper and lower arch. Can Teeth be replaced in a day?

It is possible that missing tooth can be replaced Teeth in a Day. The following are the procedures which dentist/team will consider in making this treatment successful,

  • Extraction of existing un restorable tooth or root
  • Simultaneous placement of the implant, which will mimic tooth root
  • Placement of a crown that mimics your natural tooth