All on 4


Loos of teeth in humans occurs due to decay, trauma, weak gums, which results in a condition termed as edentulism. Partial edentulism refers to loss of few teeth and complete edentulism refers to loss of all teeth.

All-on four:

In simple terms all –on-4 refers to all teeth supported by 4 implants. This is indicated for patients who are completely edentulous due to broken teeth, decayed teeth, teeth lost as a result of gum disease. Hence oral rehabilitation of teeth is performed by placing 4 implants in the anterior or front region of upper jaw bone where bone density is high. This is followed by placement of fixed prosthesis replacing 10-14 teeth that is supported by implants. It can be done as early as 24 hours following the surgical procedure.

Teeth that look and feel like your own

Tooth implant functions just like a natural tooth, is therefore considered as a new standard in tooth replacement. Tooth implants can be used for complete replacement of upper and lower arch. Tooth implant comprises of 3 parts namely implant acting as artificial root is a metal post or frame that is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gums, abutment that holds and support artificial teeth and a crown that is visible in the mouth that mimics natural teeth

Why should I go with All-on-4?

Dental implant solutions

Get immediate results
Experience a dramatic improvement in chewing ability, teeth stability and overall comfort right away.

Improve your appearance

Why should I go with All-on-4

Improves your smile, prevents bone loss due to missing teeth. You can also get rid of those wrinkles on your face and you will certainly look younger!

Eat what you want, when you want, where you want

Say good bye to your embarrassment as you can enjoy eating all types of food

Get a long-lasting smile

You don’t have to struggle removing your complete denture anymore as all on 4 as creates a permanent set of teeth with a fixed, non-removable implant-supported retained bridge.

Worth the cost

Implant treatment can be considered a long-term investment into your health and your well being – in short, an investment into your life. Compared to other restorations, costs can seem higher at first glance. However, higher maintenance costs, the potential increase in lost jaw bone and, ultimately, the loss of even more teeth can make other restorations more expensive in the long run.

Missing teeth can accelerate ageing , do not compromise on your chewing , smiling and quality of life. Book your appointment today and decelerate your ageing call 18001 02 02 88