10 Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth is a long-term dream for most of us especially for those people who already suffer from oral disease around 60 – 80% of worlds population suffers from the oral disease and most of them are school children. Today most of us are aware of oral health condition lot of associations are here to create that awareness but only a few are here to tell how to maintain your oral health. Hence we came up with a list of tips that may help you in keeping your teeth healthy.

1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Calcium, fluoride, phosphorus, vitamin D, and magnesium are essential to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Chew your food on both sides well and swallow your food. Prefer food that is less sticky and is rich in fiber content. fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and oils contain the right amount of fiber and nutrients required for strong and healthy teeth.


2. Brush with fluoridated toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day.

Brush your teeth with fluoride-containing compounds which helps prevent tooth decay as the fluoride combines with calcium Hydroxylapatite present in teeth to form Fluorapatite which is “harder” and more resistant to damage caused by bacterial acids. Fluoride also promotes remineralization and has antibacterial properties.

3. Floss in between brushes.

It is important to clean the dirt present in between teeth as food lodgement between teeth can cause decay, and such decay usually progresses very fast causing dental pain warranting root canal treatment. That is why dentists recommend flossing

4. Ensure proper intake of phosphorus and magnesium

The ideal source of phosphorous and magnesium is meat. Vegetarians do not forget to take supplements of phosphorus and magnesium to keep your teeth healthy.

5. Rinse your mouth after meals.

This is very important for two reasons. One to remove food debris that forms plaque, calculus causing dental problems and second is to neutralize the acidity of food you ate. Acidity causes demineralization and dental caries.

6. Avoid sticky and acidic food

Sticky food and acidic food drinks are the most common causative factors for tooth decay hence its good if you can avoid them

7. Clean your tongue
Tongue cleaning is also an important aspect to maintain oral health as tongue can retain a lot of debris which causes bad breath and fungal infections like candidiasis. So do not forget to clean your tongue after you brush




8. Change your toothbrush once in 3 months

Like any other instrument or device, your toothbrush is subject to wear and tear. Hence always remember to change your toothbrush regularly to ensure strong teeth and gums




9. Eat Dark chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover and cannot avoid eating them prefer dark chocolates to milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and moreover Compounds in chocolate may be more effective at fighting decay than fluoride. Raw chocolate is even a better choice, as it is less processed and rich in antioxidants. so keep your chocolate passion intact and keep your teeth healthy by making the right choice.

10. Visit a dental professional every six months.

Getting regular dental care improves oral health significantly over the years.

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