Are dental implants strong ? How long they last?

Dental implants have been continuously and successfully used to replace missing teeth or badly damaged teeth for decades. They are not only a reliable source of tooth restoration but also the strongest source of tooth replacement. Although dental implants are unmatched in any other treatment for prosthetic tooth restoration, you can wonder “how well dental implants hold up compared to actual teeth.”

There is not necessarily a black and white answer to this question. It depends on your dental health, bone strength, and your natural teeth’s strength.

Strong jawbone for a stronger implant

Dental implants work in the same way as your real teeth. Your tooth is placed in a titanium implant post that is surgically implanted in your jawbone instead of natural tooth roots.

Over time, the jawbone recovers through a process called Osseo integration in and around the titanium implant. The jawbone’s strength and the capacity of your jaw to heal around the implant directly affect the implant’s strength and stability.

The implant would function differently, unlike natural teeth, because it is embedded in the bone rather than the roots of the tooth in the gums. Natural teeth are allowed to move because they are attached with ligaments to the gums, although dental implants do not move at all. Your dental implant may be better in some ways and be able to withstand more stress than your teeth.

For example, when you struggle with gum disease or tooth decay, the teeth in your mouth will be less healthy. Teeth in a mouth with gum disease are likely to move in your gum and feel uncomfortable when biting on hard foods. At the same time, although dental implants can remain strong and durable in your mouth, they are also susceptible to infection. Keeping your gums and jawbone healthy and strong is the primary way to keep your dental implants healthy and strong. This is why patients often need bone grafting before dental implants are provided. Bone grafts stabilize the jawbone, and healing around the titanium implant is better equipped.

Bone graft for effective dental implants

The thought of having a bone transplant may seem frightening. Although the term “bone transplant” may seem overwhelming, it is actually one of the most positive things you can do to improve your dental health after loss of the tooth. When a tooth is removed or damaged, its structure is no longer supported by the underlying bone.

Bone grafts are a simple procedure that can address this issue. Bone grafts have long existed as a way to reinforce the bone in a particular area. We actually take a small sample of bone from another part of your body for bone grafts in the jawbone and then insert the new bone into the weakened region of the jawbone.

This mechanism causes bone regeneration and connects the grafted tissue to the original jawbone tissue. This process allows for a higher chance for the dental implant to properly integrate with the jawbone, reducing the risk of loosening or falling out. The most beneficial thing about bone grafts is that they can be administered during the first stage of your dental implant procedure, so you don’t have to worry about making additional appointments. The best part about having a bone graft is that it increases your dental implant treatment’s longevity and effectiveness without increasing the recovery time from dental implant surgery.

There are numerous benefits of dental implants. Firstly, since the implants are made of titanium, so it gives them longevity and durability than any other methods. Secondly, they don’t require the reduction of the other teeth to support the tooth-bridge. Thirdly, you don’t need to struggle while pronouncing different words which become tricky in the absence of a few teeth. Fourthly, there is no chance of cavities in a crown. Lastly and most importantly, there can’t be any kind of problem no matter what you eat and how much you eat.

Dental implants have a low or no maintenance requirement. It lasts long and is a way stronger than anything inside your mouth. The functionality is pretty similar to your natural tooth and in addition, it doesn’t slip around due to strong bond.

The aforementioned points reiterate why dental implants are a much stronger and reliable source of teeth replacement. If a dental implant is done right in a few sittings then it can lead to life-long happiness of your dental health. Experience flawless and trustable dental implants like dental crowns, all-on-four implants or full mouth implants with advanced dental care at Apollo White Dental. We are here to create a perfect resolution for your dental problems and provide you with the dental comfort you deserve.  Schedule your dental implant consultation for free at Apollo White Dental near you.