Best Dental Braces Specialists in Hyderabad

Not all of us are blessed with perfectly set rows of teeth. The problem of living with crooked teeth are many. Apart from creating issues with self-confidence it also affects how you function in your daily life. Uneven teeth alters your smile and holds you back from showing your true self to the world. People with crooked teeth often avoid interaction with people for fear of being ridiculed.

Most resort to pursed lipped smiles to avoid showing their teeth. But most of the major repercussions of having crooked teeth extend to much more than just social setbacks. Uneven teeth affect one’s physical appearance, true, but they can also cause severe problems with your dental health. Teeth can be permanently straightened with the help of dental braces. Dental braces can give proper shape your teeth and resolve various other dental issues.

The primary requirement for braces is a strong set of teeth and gums. Braces put a lot of pressure on your teeth. In fact, it’s the pressure which fixes the teeth, by moving them in a certain direction. One of the primary jobs of a good orthodontist is checking your oral cavity and giving you a proper diagnosis of your overall oral health. The orthodontist is the only person who can decide if your teeth are strong enough for braces.

Dental braces straighten your teeth and give you a healthy bite as well. A healthy bite constitutes two rows of well-aligned teeth. When both the upper and lower rows of teeth are properly aligned, there is minimal friction between them. Therefore the teeth are protected against erosion. If your ‘bite’ is in need of correction then braces would be the best way to do it.

The decision of getting braces is best taken with the help of an expert orthodontist. An ordinary dentist may be able to fix you up with braces, but their knowledge on the subject won’t be as thorough as that of an orthodontist. An orthodontist has comprehensive training that enables them to deal with issues of the jawbone and dental movement.  Therefore we would always recommend that you go an orthodontist to deal with your alignment issues.

Apollo White Dental has a large number of specialised services for people with various kinds of dental issues including crooked teeth and mal-alignment of the jawbone. The clinic has an expert team of orthodontists who will not only fix you up with braces but also give you a proper diagnosis and advice on teeth care. Their service includes following up on their patient’s progress and making sure that the problem is entirely fixed.

Here are some of the Star Orthodontists at our Hyderabad Centre :

Dr. K R Bhuvaneswari is an consultant dental specialist practising in Jubilee Hill. She is a gifted dental surgeon and provides services like clinical examinations, tests, radiographic analyses, and treatments for various dental diseases.


Dr. Ankisetti Aryasri is a dental specialist based in Jubilee Hills and Somajiguda. He is a skilled orthodontist and a specialises in treating crooked teeth, jaw conditions, misaligned teeth, and malocclusion. He works closely with cosmetic dentists in treatments involving teeth straightening and other cosmetic orthodontic procedures.

Dr. John Pramod is a Pediatric Dentist who practices based in Chanda Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Kondapur, and Somajiguda branches. He specializes in preventive dentistry and treating dental problems that arise in children.