Best Implantologists in Mumbai – Top Dental Implant Dentists

Losing your teeth can be daunting but inevitable. People lose their teeth because of various reasons such as old age, accidents and diseases of the oral cavity. But, today there are many effective remedies for this problem too. Dental implants are one such solution; it helps in replacing missing teeth.

To elaborate further, an artificial tooth is basically implanted at the root. The procedure is assuring as it’s a permanent fix for your teeth as it goes into the root of your jawbone. The other benefit is that a dental implant takes care of replacing anything from a single artificial tooth to multiple artificial teeth.

Super-qualified dentists in Mumbai for Dental Implants

Dr. Aditi Chaudhary is a dental surgeon in Chembur, Mumbai. She is an expert in the dental industry and specializes in treating gum diseases, periodontal diseases, and cosmetic procedures like gummy smile treatment. Her specialized skills include dental implants, laser dentistry, gum graft surgery and a lot more. She practices at Apollo Dental Clinic, Chembur.


Dr. Kunal Banavali is a dental expert who operates in Navi Mumbai. His expertise lies in dealing with surgical and non-surgical treatments of disease conditions of gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and cementum. He is known for his specialized skills and practices in Apollo Dental clinic located in the campus of Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai. Apart from this, he also has expertise in cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery.His other specialized skills include dental implants, laser dentistry, bone graft surgery, periodontal surgery and a lot more.

Dr. Mohini Deepesh Daultani is a well-known dental surgeon in Mumbai. She excels in her specialities and practices in Apollo Dental clinic in Tardeo branch that is located in Apollo Spectra Hospital campus, Tardeo. To add to her skills, she a periodontist and provides treatments like gum surgery, gum graft surgery, and cosmetic dental procedures like gummy smile treatment, and laser depigmentation. Her talent is praiseworthy as she has been an award-winning dentist who has won various academic prizes during her education in dentistry. She won the Dr V.N. Bhatavdekar Award for Clinical Research and has won the first prize for paper presentations on Geriatric Dentistry and Zirconia-based Ceramic Crowns.

Dr. Ninad Muley is an implant specialist and prosthodontist, Mumbai. He is an expert who has completed his BDS from Manipal University and MDS from the prestigious Govt. Dental College Bangalore. He specializes in dental implants, full mouth rehabs, veneers,and all other modes of replacing and rehabilitating teeth and oral tissues.He is an experienced doctor and believes in updating himself continuously to improve his technical know-how. He is very sincere to his work and has treated multiple international patients and has mastered the art of adequate treatment planning and delivering the highest quality treatment in a stipulated time period.

Dr. Tulika Diwan is a dental surgeon in Mumbai who comes with a five-year experience in this field. She practices in CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai branch of Apollo Dental clinics which is located in Apollo Hospital campus in Belapur. She specializes in surgical procedures of the oral structures and jaws. She also specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry and is well known for it. Her other specialized skills include prosthodontic rehabilitation, full mouth implants, implant overdentures and a lot more.

Many of us are uncertain about what’s the best substitute for our natural teeth, the answer is loud and clear: dental implants. You may be worried about certain aspects in regards to fixing artificial teeth, such as will you be able to perform daily activities normally, will it hamper your chewing activities or various such instances. However, one can be assured of this being a highly functional method. This approach also doesn’t come in the way of your speech. For the best results, you need to go to a trusted dental implantologist or prosthodontist.