Buck teeth

A gesture which wins the heart and has enormous positive power in itself is your “smile”. It has the greatest potential to swap the people’s minds away. A warm and welcoming smile can sometimes be spoilt by factors like Buck teeth, which is also referred to as malocclusion. It is often referred to the projecting upper front tooth, which causes improper alignment of the face. There are many people who suffer out of buck teeth, which results in both physical and psychological disturbances.
Irrespective of the age, gender and socioeconomic differences, anyone can be a victim of Buck teeth, which is more prevalent in children than in adults. There are various factors which cause the buck teeth, which can be classified into genetically caused, and the other classification is because of the lifestyles and habits.

The most common causes for buck teeth are:

  • Genetics:
    Genetically inherited problems form the major reason for buck teeth. The problem can be inherited from your father, mother or ancestors. Children along with various characters, qualities of their parents and ancestors also inherit the appearance of their parents. It can also be classified as a birth defect.
  • Imbalanced Growth of the Upper and Lower Jaws:
    The imbalanced growth of the jaws is caused by disfigured skeletons and makes the upper part of molars to be abnormal. As a result, the teeth project out of your mouth, making it unable to close your mouth.
  • Large Tooth Size:
    This is a natural phenomenon, where one of your teeth is naturally larger than the other. As a larger tooth occupies more space in your mouth, it becomes little difficult to close the mouth and often causes disfiguring of the entire face.