Cosmetic dentistry – Top Indian Celebrities teeth Before and After

India definitely stands distinctly ahead in the entertainment industry. The total of Indian cinemas produced pan India, certainly outnumber the Hollywood Industry. Beautiful, stunning stylish models have made their way, being brand ambassadors and endorse world’s richest brands. Is it not a proud moment for all Indians, that some of our Indian stars have made it in Hollywood movies.
When it comes to movie stars, celebrities, and models, their face, beauty and smile forms the major role in their success. It becomes very necessary for them to maintain the style and poise.
Aishwarya Rai:
The beauty icon of India has come a long way, and marked her strong presence in the industry through her personified grace. She took the world by storm in the year 1998, from there after no looking back. The gracious smile would always be heart melting. It is her fitness, confidence and the way she has maintained herself has made her so much difference. The help of a dentist to enhance her beauty is certainly undeniable. Along with cheek implants, lip plumping and a nose job, she has also undergone jaw correction, tooth whitening.
Priyanka Chopra:
Priyankas’s transformation is amazing. The beauty pageant carried her as a distinguished, impactful and an elegant personality. Following Aishwariya Rai, she was crowned miss world in the year 2000. Be it for modelling, acting, stepping into Bollywood, she made no stone unturned. Her films in Hollywood have also earned her a big name. Behind her charm, there is certainly the hard work, but undeniably the dentist, who maintained her bright smiles and perfectly aligned tooth.
Shruthi Hassan:
She is one of the leading artists, who made her way in the film industry. She is one among them with a perfect combination of beauty and brains. Her voice and the songs she rendered have always been also top-notch. Keeping up the legacy is not that easy, especially when you are from the family of a celebrity. Kamal Hassan, is undoubtedly the king of Kollywood, and to secure the same fame, is always a combination of hard work and talent. Cosmetic surgery has definitely added more charm to her. The ravishing looks, and the perfect smile is has a talented dentist, who worked for her charming appeal.
Amitab Bachan:
He is one of the celebrities, ruling the industry for more than half a century. He is highly regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors of Indian as well as world cinema. The voice is still commanding, and still highly powerful. Needless to say, he has a perfect smile and command. To own such a perfect arrangement of tooth at this age, the actor has sought the support of a dentist, for a perfect smile and the enhanced look. His majestic look and his voice have complemented the smile, and is still one of the most celebrated artists in the Indian film industry.
Allu Arjun:
Mr.Perfect of Tollywood industry has all the features, looks and the charisma to be the heart throb. The Ringa-Ringa song never fades away from our hearts even after so many years. His acting style, looks, performances, all deserve a special mention. Looking closely on what gave him all this success, it is his smile, which captures all the heart and makes it a massive success.
They are just few among the Indian stars, who made it big using cosmetic dental surgery. The trend of common citizens, opting for dental surgeries to look fresh, young and energetic is on the rise. Contact your dentist today for a paradigm-shift in your looks.