Effects of coffee and tea on teeth

A kick of caffeine, first thing in the morning is something that most people can’t even function without. But have you ever stopped to think about what that seemingly innocent cup of tea or coffee does to your pearly whites? We don’t often give a thought to the health of our teeth before reaching for that cup of tea or coffee. But drinking multiple cups of these beverages on a regular basis can affect the way your teeth looks and functions.

While most of us are ditching unhealthy foods like fatty dairy, sugary desserts, processed snacks and deep-fried foods, one habit which most can’t seem to kick is their dependency on that cup of tea or latte.

Coffee and tea may seem innocent when compared to a bag of greasy chips or sugary confections but can contain a considerable amount of sugar in them. The link between coffee, tea and teeth erosion is pretty simple. The main culprit in each case is sugar, the ultimate result of which is teeth decay.

Coffee is acidic in nature as well. Sugar besides being bad for your overall health can damage teeth as well. Sugar present in chai or coffee combines with the bacteria in your mouth to form acids. Acids erode enamel, the protective covering of the teeth and expose the layer below which has open nerve endings.

Teeth sensitivity is one of the immediate effects of teeth erosion. Apart from sensitive teeth, severe teeth erosion can also give birth to cavities. Cavities can result in tooth decay and ultimately the loss of teeth. Therefore drinking too much tea or coffee with sugar or caramel in it can eventually lead to teeth decay.

Coffee or tea can also sometimes cause bad breath, also known as Halitosis. This happens when you drink large quantities of these beverages on an empty stomach. Therefore our advice would be to always complement your cup of coffee or tea with a snack or just drink a cup after a meal.

Choosing to forego sugar in your tea or coffee can help alleviate the problem to an extent. But tea and coffee just does not hamper the health of your teeth. They can worsen their appearance as well. One of the ingredients that coffee and tea contain is Tannins. They are also found in alcoholic beverages like wine. Tannins are a type of polyphenols, which are a group of bitter caustic substances.

Tannins are used industrially for dying leather (hence the term tanneries), therefore you can only imagine what they can do to your teeth. When your teeth get regularly exposed to tannins, they can leave behind a yellowish tinge which if left untreated can become a permanent stain.

If you are ready to sacrifice your smile for your favourite beverage then you may abstain from reading further. If not then we have the solution for saving your smile without entirely giving up on that precious cup of morning refreshment.

If you think that your teeth are stained beyond repair then panic just yet. Modern technology has made its advancement in the field of dental science as well. A visit to a qualified orthodontist can help you get your teeth back to its former glory. A professional dental cleaning doesn’t cost a fortune.

Going for one, at least once a year can help get rid of coffee and tea stains. Apart from that, there are things that you can do at home to whiten your teeth as well.

Lime has bleaching properties and salt helps get rid of infections. Rubbing lime juice mixed with salt can help lighten your teeth to a great degree. Baking soda works the same way and so does activated charcoal powder. Make a paste of either with water and leave on your teeth for a few minutes.

Brush off with light gentle strokes. You will notice a considerable difference in your teeth. Use a whitening toothpaste and brush gently for at least two minutes every day to get rid of stains.

The best cure though is prevention and there are steps that you can take to prevent coffee stains appearing on your teeth. You don’t have to give up your favourite beverage, but you can definitely lessen the intake.

Stick to one or two cups of tea or coffee throughout the day. You can opt for green tea instead of black tea as the lighter colored beverage will not stain your teeth as much.

Do not sip your beverage throughout the day, drink it at one sitting and always drink a glass of water afterwards or rinse out your mouth with water. Wait a while before brushing after drinking tea or coffee.

These drinks being acidic in nature can weaken teeth enamel, therefore brushing immediately after consumption can cause erosion. Eating a healthy diet also helps counterbalance the negative effects that coffee or tea has on your teeth. Certain fruits like strawberries and lemons have a cleaning effect on teeth as they contain natural fibers.

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that tea or coffee does more harm than good to your teeth, but then you can always reverse the effect with timely care.  At Apollo White Dental you will find multiple services that can help restore coffee and tea-stained teeth to their former state.

Schedule an appointment at one of our many centers and get timely care for your teeth. Our services range from simple clean-ups to more intense procedures like teeth implantation. Our expert dental specialists will also advise you on how to care for your teeth at home. It’s never too late to attain perfect oral health, with Apollo White Dental.