Face Transformation!

Ellie is the new sensation and the ray of hope for all people with improper jaw alignments and needed corrective measures. People across the globe have taken her as the role model and the icon of confidence. All thanks to the enhancements in science and the medical field, that has brought in an enormous change in the life of Ellie. As an English dictum says, “Face is the index”, and a perfect smile becomes inevitable to be highly captivating and positive.
Ellie is a girl from Wales, and she suffered from a condition where her lower face was not developed properly. Her teeth were crooked. Her lower part of the face was not developed properly and was smaller. She only had the jaw bone development as that of an eight-year-old child, though she was fourteen when she underwent corrective procedures. As a young child, Ellie had faced enormous struggles due to her misaligned Jaw.
The braces were not helping her to get her perfect alignment of teeth. It was only the doctor, “Joy Hickman” who discovered her rare condition and found that she needs corrective surgery to enhance her appearance. Ellie always felt that her chin was too small, compared to the rest of the face and needed some corrective measure to enhance the appearance of the face overall. Ellie worked with maxillofacial surgeon Emma Woolley at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl, Wales for more than six years.
She first had her surgery when she was sixteen and now she is twenty years old. She underwent two stages of surgery. The first stage was Jaw correction, which helped her fix her Jaw alignment. The next stage of the healing process was to cut her Jaw horizontally and vertically to transform it into normal shape. She could exactly feel her life’s transformation after her surgery. Initially, after her surgery, she was on a liquid diet for almost a month.
During the process of healing, she was unable to speak as the corrective procedures were taking their time to heal. The healing and recovery were quick, as she was able to stammer a few words after her surgery. But once her Jaw was completely recovered, it was like a miracle came true. She could witness her transformation, and she was enormously happy with the positive outcomes of the result.
There are many more examples of how a surgery could bring enormous changes in the way the people live and evolve as successful individuals. Orthodontic treatments are way more successful, which supersedes the expectation of all the people across the globe. This treatment not only instills confidence among the people but also helps to restore the happiness back in your life.
A dentist could also be your happiness restorer. As we live only once, live life to your fullest. As a lot of people believe that positivity comes within and the self-confidence increases with stirring the positivity within. Ellie now stands as a living proof of happiness.