Simple & Essential Tips to Choose a Good Dental Clinic

It’s always about taking the right decisions and, the process of decision-making can actually be very tricky!

Take for example the decision to order a dessert for your family after a hearty meal. Would you choose “Nuts overload” ice cream or “Willy Wonka?” This is a kind of decision-making that can be delicious. And yes, it’s highly probable that you wouldn’t brush your teeth after the dessert inviting a host of dental problems.

However, take the example of buying a residential apartment for your family. Deciding on this is bound to take time and it isn’t an easy decision to make. Now, consider that you end up with tooth pain after eating that dessert you had ordered, you would simply type “dental clinic near me” on Google, find the nearest place, and look for pain relief. This time, the decision-making is neither an amusing one nor a prolonged one…it is an emergency.

When it comes to major health complications, we do take a lot of time, and get many opinions before opting for a treatment. When it comes to dental problems, visiting the best dental hospital in Hyderabad might be your desire, but are you consciously opting for one? Do you prefer to take the opinion of your Whatsapp group or do you take an informed decision?

More often than not, most of you end up asking opinions of friends or coworkers as you do not really have the knowhow to judge a dental doctor or a dental clinic in Hyderabad. This is obvious. You are not trained to have in-depth insights on dental care and dental treatments.

Having said that, it is also important to know certain things about a dental clinic or a dental hospital before you consult them. This is because getting the best treatment option matters. It means saving on treatment costs, getting the right solution that lasts long, and avoiding long-term complications. Not choosing the best treatment option can lead to further infections, gum disease, bone loss, teeth loss and other dental health complications.

How to choose the right dental specialist and the best dental hospital in Hyderabad?

All over the world, the quality of medical care delivered is defined as the degree to which medical and healthcare services increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes with the current medical knowledge. This means that if you visit a dental clinic in Hyderabad or any other city, you expect your dental diseases to be managed professionally adhering to parameters of STEEEP.

Quality of dental care – STEEEP

STEEEP stands for:

  • Safe
  • Timely
  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Equitable
  • Patient-centered

STEEEP is a set of measurable quality parameter recommended by American Dental Association. It recommends that dental care should be safe by avoiding injuries to patients, provide timely dental care and avoid harmful delays, providing effective care that neither overuses nor under uses, and give efficient care that does not waste dental equipment nor is overpriced. Finally, dental treatments should be patient-centered and dentists should understand individual patient needs, preferences and circumstances.

When you are actually looking for the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, your pursuit should be for a dental hospital which:

  • Understands your individual needs
  • Provides a valid diagnosis and a scientifically valid treatment plan
  • Educates you or your caretaker on the nature of the dental disease and the choice of the treatment plan along with cost options, risks, and benefits
  • Follows clinical quality measures during dental procedures, and post-procedural follow ups
  • Provides superlative patient experience

Dental clinics for children

In case of dental care for children, the dental clinic of your choice should create positive experiences for children when it comes to dental care and dental treatments. Often, children tend to be scared of injections, and sharp dental equipment. The fear of pain and personal injury is instinctive in them. That is why a dental clinic should work towards making children feel safe, and comfortable. The role of the support staff and the dentist is vital in this. Moreover, dental treatment done in the childhood can influence future dental health and aesthetics of the child. So, expertise and technology matters.

Dental clinics for older adults

Most adults go to dental clinics for tooth loss, tooth pain, periodontal disease, gum disease, and dental implants along with dentures. However, older adults have a different set of requirements. Older adults and senior citizens have other medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. In most cases, they would be on multiple medications. A dental specialist should take into account all these parameters before prescribing a treatment plan for older adults. Added to that, the support staff and dental doctors need tact while dealing with older adults considering their limitations and individual needs.

Dental clinics for cosmetic dentistry

If you are looking for the best dental clinic in Hyderabad for a cosmetic dental procedure, then you need to know about the technologies that are used for restoration, correction and enhancement of looks. “Is the dental hospital using the latest technologies?” The expertise of the dental specialist, the guarantee of the aesthetic outcome, and the cost involved are major concerns for someone who is looking for dental correction or enhancement. Dentists and dental surgeons should be able to explain the process of the cosmetic procedure, it pros and cons, and possible alternatives for the desired outcome.

 Choosing the best dental clinic in Hyderabad – What you can do

  • Most of us look for reviews before going to restaurants, before purchasing products and of course before visiting a hospital. Though reviews of individual experiences might not be taken on face value in the medical profession, it is always worthwhile to listen to what people have to say about the dental clinic in question
  • Look for the branches of dentistry the hospital in question offers. This would help you zero in on the options
  • Look for the technologies used in the dental clinic. What with latest advancements in dental care, the use of the right technology is vital for the best results
  • Look for accreditation’s, certifications, and the credibility of the brand of the said dental clinic
  • See if the location of the clinic and its timings suit your convenience
  • Check if these dental clinics offer emergency services
  • See if you can get a prior appointment so that you can avoid waiting time
  • Once you visit the dentist, ensure that the doctor explains about your condition, its treatment options, precautions, and preventive care
  • See if the treatment plan offered by the doctor is cost effective or not. You can do this by a comparison of the results attained by the procedure, and the materials used vs. other procedures

If you still have any queries on how to choose a dental clinic near you, please feel free to post your doubts in the comments section.