How Do I Prevent Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer are growth or sore in the mouth that lasts for a long period. Oral cancer, which includes cancers of your lips, tongue, cheeks, the floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and pharynx (throat), can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated early. It is the most common form of cancer in India. Around 1,30,000 people succumb to oral cancer in India annually. Here we have given some of the awareness tips to prevent oral cancer


Use of tobacco in both forms both smoking and chewing tobacco leaves leads to release of harmful chemical substances such as nicotine. These harmful chemicals cause genetic alterations of the cells of your body and it leads to a precancerous stage that appears as the white or red patch in your mouth (cheek, gums, palate, tongue, a floor of mouth). If diagnosed at this stage it is completely curable if you undergo the right treatment and stop the habit.

Alcohol :

It acts along with tobacco and the microorganisms of the mouth leading to harmful chemical substances causing cancer. Its much worse of you smoke and consume alcohol. Don’t you think you should stop such habits for your own good as well as your family??

Areca nut :

Many of us use areca nut (paakku) as a mouth freshener after food. But do you know that chewing it for a prolonged period of time leads to a condition called oral sub-mucous fibrosis (thickening of the mouth) causing the restriction in mouth opening and finally may turn into oral cancer? So next time think twice before you chew areca nut to freshener your mouth and choose other options.

Sharp tooth :

If you have a broken tooth that constantly irritates your cheek mucosa, or a wisdom teeth that has erupted in a wayward direction can cause the cheek to get caught between teeth during chewing. These conditions constantly irritate your inner cheeks, if left unattended can lead to malignancy? So why wait? Get yourself checked by your dentist and solve these minor issues to prevent major disease like oral cancer.

Ill-fitting Dentures :

Did you know that if your denture is not properly made or becomes ill-fitting over a period of time it can cause irritation of your mouth and finally may turn into cancer if ignored?? So choose your Dentist to get state of the art treatment. Prefer implants fixed dentures over removable dentures, and if your medical condition does not permit the above-said measures and if at all you have to go for removable dentures have a constant review with your Dentist to check for fit and health of your soft tissues for your comfort as well as prevent mouth cancer.

Oral hygiene :

Improper oral hygiene is one of the risk factors of oral cancer. Several studies have shown that some microorganisms including certain species of bacteria, fungi, and viruses can interact with alcohol, tobacco and sometimes directly with the cells of your mouth making them more susceptible to cancer. So follow oral hygiene measures, visit your dentist regularly.

Diet :

The diet containing less of antioxidants make your body more susceptible to cancer. Hence always choose healthy food containing fruits, vegetables to stay healthy. Here are some important dietary component proven to have anticancer effects. Turmeric, garlic, neem, onion, papaya, tomato, guava, apple peel, pineapple, Tulasi, cabbage.

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