How to Help Your Child through Important Dental Milestones

As parents, we always have the primary task and duty to raise our children and equip them with necessary things that are important to make them distinct and successful. Health care is one among that parenting activity, which is essential to ensure a good future. The task of the parents lies in taking them to regular doctor visits and encouraging good dental habits right from their childhood.
Creating awareness is the first step of good parenting. Children with lack of knowledge go through enormous problems. They encounter more problems than a child with enormous awareness. The first milk tooth of a child is often celebrated among the family and parents, and this indicates that along with other medical care the child needs. Doctors’ advice to use pea sized toothpaste even as the first tooth erupts. The baby teeth are the “hold space” for the permanent teeth. The shape of the teeth and the arrangement is very important as they enhance the speech and provide complete facial arrangement.

Challenges of Infants:

For common understanding, let us segregate the challenges faced by the child at each level. Bottle feeding and thumb sucking are the common problems of a child.

Thumb sucking:

Most of the child put their finger inside the moth and stop by age of one. But, a lot of children persist the same until they reach four or five. As a child continuously have the habit of thumb sucking right from childhood, it affects them right from the alignment of the mouth and the gap between the teeth. It even protrudes way outside the mouth and hampers the look of the face.

Bottle feeding:

More than 98% of the children drink from a bottle, right from their infant times! We should also acknowledge that bottles are the breeding ground of germs, if not maintained properly. Along with bottles, a lot of children use pacifiers too. They cause enormous health problems if not maintained properly.

Mixed Dentition

The next stage of infancy is the period where the child has both permanent tooth and temporary tooth. The formations of the teeth heavily depend on this period and get a particular shape and size which lasts for a lifetime. The child may encounter many problems, which again needs specific treatment.

Teeth Crowding:

This problem is common among the children where the teeth show sign of crowding due to poor eating choices. The child may also participate in sports, which leads to a dip in the assembling of their tooth. When not proper care is taken this may lead to infection and cavities.
Cavities and infection:
This is a common problem among growing children, where they eat a lot of sweets and much a lot of junk foods. This causes heavy damage.
Precaution and Guidance:
In the process of educating children, raising dental awareness becomes seemingly necessary. Braces and clips during the appropriate age, regular dental check-ups, regular flossing and brushing, everything will have a comprehensive effect in the long-term, by maintaining perfect dentures. When children reach their teens, they might encounter loss of a tooth due to accidents and have chipped. Thus crowning, a coat of enamel and dental fillers are to be regulated periodically to have a good dental health throughout life.