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Importance of Dental Implants & Missing Teeth Replacement

People are watching people. People can notice you. People will mock you. All these recurring thoughts develop a frenzy in your mind and your inner voice asks you to scoot and hide from this scary world to avoid all those negative judgements about your smile, about your missing tooth, about the broken and crooked teeth. You become vulnerable to these judgements and develop low self-esteem. Apart from this, you also develop oral health issues which in the long run will affect both your mental and physical health.

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century with technology at our fingertips suggesting you practical ways to crush your fear of judgment, truly love yourself with every fibre of your being.

Tooth loss is the unnatural loss of a tooth- either due to injury or disease, causing adjoining teeth problems like movement to fill the gaps. This gap becomes a receptacle for microbial growth, bacterial infections and inflammations which could get serious if it reaches the digestive system Tooth loss can have severe adverse effects on a person if left untreated, like speech aberrations, distorted face and or facial expressions, oral diseases which can go beyond to affect the entire body.

A few problems listed below which you might face in case you don’t replace the tooth :

  • Mobility: When one tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth can shift causing an imbalance of the dental structure or arch.
  • Ailments: Infections and inflammations- food particles can nestle in the gap formed by a lost tooth and cause inflammations or bacterial infections.
  • Gingivitis: Gum recession and gum diseases like Gingivitis, where the gums get swollen or red and can also bleed at times. It can also cause bad breath – bad oral hygiene is one of the main causes of tooth loss
  • Damage: Damage to teeth supporting structures distorting expressions and face. Here the cheeks can appear sunken and the expression can be of fatigue or a serious ailment.
  • Mastication: Problems with the entire alimentary canal – starting from the buccal cavity to the intestinal tract. When food is not chewed or masticated properly, it becomes difficult to digest. Undigested food causes many disorders including anaemia or low blood counts which affect the overall health of the body including the mouth and teeth
  • Bone loss: Degeneration of the jaw bone which decreases the density and height of the jaw bone and gum. When there is bone loss, no remedial procedures like teeth replacements can be conducted, unless a bone graft is performed.
  • Jaw pain: Severe jaw pain could be very tricky because it is also a sign of ENT problems and other cardiac issues also.

In a nutshell, delay in replacing the effected teeth can lead to extra dental work and high treatment expenses.

Here’s your solution – DENTAL IMPLANTS!

A dental implant is an artificial tooth used to replace lost or a missing tooth. Usually, implants are in three parts and made of titanium. One part is inserted into the jaw bone; one rests on the gum and a cap or crown forms the visible surface.

Dental implants are placed in the mouth after extraction of the tooth or teeth. Normal routine placements are done after a recovery period which could last as long as three months. Some cases require immediate tooth replacement after extraction which is also possible.

In the normal course, dental implants can last a lifetime. There are a few and far between cases where an implant has failed but those are rare and extreme cases.

Asking for support and taking care of things which affect your life – physically and mentally is very important. Picking up the tab to improve yourself and grow mentally will ultimately help you gain your self-confidence and worth. Drop the deadlines, the to-do lists, the unread messages, and the unforgiving schedule. Gift yourself healthy and beautiful teeth and invest in self-care. Besides gaining confidence, dental implants help you improve your speech without worrying about teeth-slipping as they are safe and secure.

It is a good option to have an implant as soon as a tooth is lost and avoid huge medical bills in the future. Apollo White Dental has an implant department for all such needs. The dentists are well qualified and experienced to perform procedures with accuracy and to the satisfaction of the patient.

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