Management of Fear and Anxiety of Dental Procedures in Children

Taking kids to a dentist is even more challenging as they are really afraid of the dentists and the instruments used by them. It is a common factor that children usually panic when they are taken to a doctor. Treating a child patient, specifically becomes a challenging task for a dentist to treat them; hence they use techniques that reduce fear and anxiety among child patients.



Dental office environment should be pleasant and should give a homely feeling. The waiting room is made lively with Cartoons, paintings, fish tank; for older children storybooks, toys, and even a play area can be kept in the waiting hall so that the child can enjoy the place.


The dentist should be empathetic when he talks to the child. He gains the confidence of the child by not only talking about the dental problems and treatment procedures but also having off-topic conversations like – the kid’s school, friends, favorite cartoons, actors, hobbies etc., this helps the child to easily mingle and most importantly trust the dentist.


Scheduling of appointments plays an important role. sufficient time should be given between two appoinments– long enough to relax emotionally but short enough to keep in touch with the dentist and dental environment. Longer appointments should be avoided as it may make both the child getting treated and child who is waiting for the next appointment also restless.


Applauding the child for his/her cooperation is always needed. the dentist can give a congratulations message or a small gift or a reward – shining star, favorite cartoons to the child for cooperation so that it encourages the child for the next appointment also.


This is a technique which can reduce the anxiety of children. the procedure should be explained as simple as possible to the kid then it can be demonstrated using model and then the treatment can be done on the child. This can be helpful as the kid is aware of what is going to be done which can reduce his/her anxiety and fear.


This is a technique in which the under the influence of anesthetic A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is commonly used dental sedation procedure for fearful kids. Nitrous oxide is a sedative and is also an analgesic. The procedure is carried out keeping a continuous verbal communication with the kid, the child’s fear get reduced as their pain threshold is also increased.


Kids who are highly uncooperative due to fear or is medically, emotionally compromised then all procedures can be performed safely under General anesthesia with a well-trained ANESTHETIST. The child will be in a sleepy state and multiple treatments can be completed in a shorter period with good efficiency.

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