Microscope Dentistry

Dr K V Arun Consultant, MDS – Periodontist from Apollo WHITE Dental Spa, Chennai gives us a detail interview about use of microscope in the feild of dentistry and its advantages. He also answers the frequently asked doubts of patients regarding microscope dentistry.

What is Microscope Dentistry?

Microscope Dentistry refer to the process of performing dental procedure such as Root Canal Treatment & gum treatment, using the Operating Microscope.

What is the use of Microscope Dentistry?

The dental Surgeon is able to perform the procedures with a magnification of about 10 – 20 times the original size. Therefore there is

  • Greater precision
  • Procedures can be done in a minimally invasive manner
  • Greater preservation of sound tooth & surrounding tissue

What advantages does it give to the patient?

With Micro Dentistry there is

  • More Convenience as there is minimal manipulation of tissues
  • Faster healing due to greater precision
  • Lesser post operative pain

Can Micro Dentistry be done with the usual dental instruments?

No, it requires special instrument such as

Operating Microscope
Specialized instrument that designed to work with great precision over small areas

Is Micro Dentistry necessary for all dental procedure?

No, Many routine dental procedures like scaling, fillings can be done without using the Operating Microscope

RCT can be done without operating microscope, but the Micro Dentistry approach minimizes tooth reduction, ensures greater ­accuracy & therefore better results

Gum Treatment can be performed in the conventional manner, but micro surgical approach enhances the precision & outcomes of the procedure.

What is the difficulty with Micro Dentistry?

It is a somewhat cumbersome & a very technically demanding procedure for the operating dental surgeon.

This is perhaps the reason why Micro Dentistry is not available in many dental facilities as yet