Nutrition and Oral Health Recommendations for Children

Do you know that what you eat has a significant impact, not only in your general health but also in your oral health?

Food that we consume is the base of our health and helps to lead a problem-free life tomorrow. Especially in kids, when they are in their formative years, the nutrition and hygiene have to play an important role constantly.
Balanced Proper nutrition implies, properly balanced diet. When the diet is not supplying necessary nutrients, it becomes seemingly difficult for the body to gain proper nutrients and grow. There is a radical change in the way the kids are being raised, junk food and quick eats form a huge portion of their food. If they are exposed to junk, and not to a balanced diet, it has a huge dent in their health. Their significant resistance also decreases, to fight against diseases. In the formative years, kids need good food and nutrition to have a well-balanced life.

What should we do to enhance the kid’s oral health and hygiene?

It has been constantly reiterated that it is very important for the kids to have overall development, and the food forms a major role. Let us also introspect the other factors which form a major role in the growth and development of the kids.


When kids are growing, especially during the time when the milk tooth has fallen and the permanent teeth are growing, it is very important that the tooth needs to be stronger. It should be robust to accommodate future challenges. Basically good calcium and minerals form the basis of the tooth. Even for adults, to maintain a good level of the healthy tooth, all the basic minerals and vitamins are important.
The good and natural sources of these ingredients are basically found in fruits, leafy vegetables, milk, and eggs. The diet should be well enough to balance all the required nutrients and fortify the dental health.


Oral hygiene as people think not only lies in brushing your teeth and flossing. It also lies in keeping the mouth clean, away from any food particles which are stuck to the teeth. The residual food particles are the villain of a healthy mouth and often cause dental problems. Needless to say, the other major problems the children face are bad breath and lose gums. These are the overall effects of not providing proper care. Gargle your mouth regularly, avoid eating often, cut down of the sugar consumption will not only help you to maintain good health but also good oral hygiene.

Regular Doctor Visits:

It is very important that your kid should be visiting the doctor and having regular checkups as a part of their routine. A doctor might able to diagnose and guide you for better living standards, and with the symptoms, he may even curb the bigger problems.


Both parents and children play an important role in developing a child’s future. As it is very important to have more knowledge about the diseases, root causes, and other underlying problem that could happen. As a child is comprehensively educated, it helps to be precautionary, and will not allow major problems to occur.
Thus we understood, healthy living is a collective and comprehensive effort right from a good diet, to regular doctor’s visits. A good health and hygiene is always the fundamental of better living. Concentrate on your oral health and have a healthy and prosperous life.


Victoria, aged 35 a lady with two kids came for her teeth whitening. She is from the country Greece, Europe and was a tourist to India. On learning about the gaining importance for our country on medical tourism, she wanted to get her consultation about her dental health and also to get her tooth whitened. A post examining, the doctors found that except for the dental plaque and tartar deposited on her tooth, her tooth was in good condition. The alignment of the entire tooth was also perfect. But, the plague and the tartar in the mouth was causing her bad breath. Despite using good mouth fresheners and flossing regularly, there was an underlying bad breath.
When she came for whitening, the doctors could able to recommend the tooth cleaning and its benefits. They were able to remove the tartar, performed scaling and polishing for the tooth, in just two or three sittings. She was able to resume back to her daily task in just two or three sittings. She was assisted to the main doctor’s chamber, where the advanced equipment and examining dental chair was fitted. She was explained about the process and was made comfortable. Her complete mouth was examined comprehensively before the process, and her mouth was cleansed with a special disinfectant solution before the process.
Victoria was given a protective glass and a bib to wear. She was then assisted to the comfortable examining chair, where she will be worked upon. The doctors initially removed the Tartar, which was very stubborn for other methods of cleansing. She had developed tartar, which was giving her a different pigment to her teeth. They used an ultrasonic tool, with a fine vibration to remove the stubborn pigments. Every now and then, the mouth was cleansed for hygiene purpose. Post removing the pigmentation on the tooth, the tooth was ground and polished. A protective enamel layer was also applied to protect her tooth.
Victoria was completely happy for undergoing the treatment, she was under the impression that tooth whitening was only for the stars and celebrities, and was also under the misconception that tooth whitening is expensive. After going through the procedure, she was able to get a perfect set of tooth she always dreamt of. Along with that, her problems like bad breath, and the uncomfortable feeling was also completely curbed, giving her health, beauty, happiness, and satisfaction.
You can also get your tooth complete whitening, by visiting your dentist. It has multiple benefits. As a good dental care is the best gift you can give to yourself and investing in yourself is the best investment.