Orthodontic Braces: The Secret To That Perfect Smile!

For some the condition is less severe and doesn’t mandate any treatment, but for others a solution is very much available.
A charming smile is what everyone desires but not everyone is blessed with it. Studies have shown that the prevalence of malocclusion amongst the population of India ranges from 40-70% varying demographically and only a third of them are aware of their condition. For some the condition is less severe and doesn’t mandate any treatment, but for others a solution is very much available.

What is it?
Malocclusion is the variation form normal position of teeth which may be crooked, protruding, or widely spaced teeth. A malocclusion may manifest as a heredity problem or may develop as a result of childhood habits (such as thumb sucking), premature tooth loss, or for reasons unclassified.

Malocclusion is not an oral disease, however it is a condition that affects oral function (such as chewing food & speech), and impairs oral hygiene that leads to tooth decay and gum problems. Compromised facial and smile esthetics that manifests as a result of the malocclusion can lead to lack of self-confidence, and even depression as documented in many survey studies conducted world over.

Signs & Symptoms!
The most obvious sign of malocclusion is the compromised esthetics from irregular teeth position such as protruding front teeth, crowding of teeth, spacing between teeth, deep overlap of front teeth or asymmetrical alignment of teeth. Other symptoms would include difficulty in chewing food, slurred speech and occasional pain in the jaw joint (near the ear).

Who can treat?
Orthodontic treatment is whats required to treat a malocclusion. Dentists who are specially trained to correct malocclusion are called ORTHODONTISTS. They conduct various diagnostic investigations and carry out a treatment procedure that best suits you, based on your needs and requirement.

The Right Time to Visit:
For children dental visits should start at an young age (6 years old) annually, both to help the child become familiar with the dentist and to watch for any early predisposing factors leading to malocclusion. As for adults, besides addressing the esthetic concern, the earlier one gets treated, the lesser is the chance for the occurrence of gum problems and tooth decay resulting from the inability to maintain oral hygiene.

Treatment Overview:
An orthodontist uses a removable or in most cases a fixed appliance to correct malocclusion. Removable appliance are used to intercept a habit or to guide the jaws into proper positioning during the growth stage (8-11 years of age). The fixed appliance (braces / clips) are used to correct the teeth alignment. Treatment usually lasts over a period of 12 to 24 months depending on the complexity of the problem. During the treatment, one has to visit the orthodontist on a monthly basis to tighten the braces which will guide the teeth into correct position.

Orthodontic treatment is easier, quicker and less expensive to treat when they are corrected early, during childhood. The treatment in adults is often successful, but may require a longer use of braces.
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