Preventing Dental Fluorosis In Children

Dental fluorosis is nothing but the color change in enamel on the teeth surface. It occurs when teeth are exposed to high fluoride concentrations at the time of tooth development. Although the risk of fluoride overexposure is there for people of all ages, it is higher for infants and children.

Dental fluorosis patients develop visible spots as well as stains on their teeth. These stains or marks have a tendency of darkening with the passage of time. The problem with dental fluorosis is that early signs can only be detected by a dentist. Initially, the markings that develop as an indicator of the onset of dental fluorosis are lacy white. One would not even know that he/she has started developing dental fluorosis; only a dentist after examination would be able to identify it.

The situation worsens if one develops stains that are yellow to dark brown in color or the person develops pits that are quite noticeable.

Tips to help you get rid of Dental Fluorosis:

  • J No fluoride toothpaste for tiny tots! – Do not use fluoride toothpaste for children aged less than 2 years. Clean your baby’s teeth with a soft brush only, i.e, without the toothpaste.
  • J Pea Sized toothpaste! – Children between 2 – 6 years of age should be given toothpaste that is just about a pea’s size.
  • J Encourage Spitting! – Since most toothpastes and mouth rinses contain fluoride, it is advisable for the parents to encourage their children to spit out both of these. It would be better if children below 6 years of age are not given mouth rinses at all. Kids generally have a tendency to swallow them.
  • J Water check! – Have the local water analyzed for the fluoride content in it.
    Kids younger than 8 years are normally susceptible to get dental fluorosis. However, proper vigilance from parents can be the key to prevent the onset of this condition.

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