The Trigger Points For A Dental Visit


Cause : usually due to deep decay in the tooth, wisdom tooth eruption, food collection inside gum pockets, ulcers or cracked tooth.

Treatment: Mostly require root canal and Crown.

Education: Periodic dental check-up can prevent dental pain, early diagnosis can save the tooth, delay can result in tooth loss.

Our USP : laser root canal, microscope assisted, in-house computerized lab, apex locators, flexible rotary tools, In house Cone Beam CT, shorter duration of treatment, precious metal crowns for durability and zero allergies.


Cause: Improper alignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, Broken teeth, old fillings, attrition or wearing of enamel of teeth, smoking stains, yellow teeth, black gums, proclamation of teeth, jaw size discrepancies, gummy smile, fluoroscopic

Treatment : Most common treatments are braces, veneers, bleaching and pigmentation.

Education : Most cosmetic problems also indicate an underlying functional problem – corrections will offer better quality of life, early detection in childhood can simplify treatment, new treatment modalities like aligners have done away with fixed wires and made the treatment invisible. (Many kids, especially boys, physically take off their own braces due to discomfort and discontinue treatment – for such kids, aligners are more adaptive and easy to wear) BRACES vs ALIGNERS : Aligners are removable, transparent, do not cause food lodging, easier to maintain and patient acceptance is also better.

Our USP : invisible aligners, Wilkodontics (rapid teeth alignment within months), anti-ageing treatments – restoration of lower facial height lost due to loss of enamel also prevalent. Only branded company materials like 3M, American Orthodontics, are used (CE and FDA certified). LASER tooth whitening procedures  more effective


Cause : Gum disease leading to tooth loss – may be due to ageing, bad maintenance, pregnancy or genetics.

Treatment : Requires regular maintenance by scaling, gum treatments, may require FLAP SURGERY with tooth support strengthening using bone grafts.

Education: Gum disease is usually due to plaque and calculus accumulation around the teeth. If addressed early, tooth can be saved. Delay in treatment will result in tooth fall.

Our USP : is the usage of lasers for faster healing, bloodless surgery, microscope for precision and growth factors from the body for rapid healing. Stem cell therapy, cell culture technology are the latest developments.



Cause : Usually an early symptom of decay, gum recession, over-zealous brushing or hard clenching / grinding habit.

Treatment: Root coverage, Desensitization, fillings can save the tooth

Education: Before blindly following what the advertiser in the television tells, its mandatory to check for the underlying reason. And treat the same. In gum recession covering of the exposed, sensitive part of the root by gum treatments is done. Ignoring the symptom or resorting to over the counter (advertised) relief measures – almost often leads to tooth loss.

Our USP : Laser Desensitization, microscope assisted root coverage procedures,


Cause : May have been lost to disease or accident..

Treatment : Bridges, Implants, Dentures

Education: Brides vs Implants: Implants are a more long lasting and easy to adapt than dentures and easier to maintain than bridges.100% chewing efficiency can be restored in IMPLANTS


Cause: decay in childhood, habits, asthma – inhaler usage,

Treatment : Check-up once in 6 months, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride application

Education : Child hood dental disease is the very cause of dental alignment problems in adulthood. It is possible to maintain kids 100% decay free if regular preventive treatments are performed once in 6 months

USP : Exclusive pediatric specialists, Child friendly atmosphere, Dinosaur chair, play area to attract children – Massage chair and pedicure manicure for waiting parents

Emergency – FRACTURES

Cause: Facial bone fractures, dental fractures,

Treatment: May require admission if facial bones are involved, Dental fractures require immediate attention

USP: APOLLO INDRAPRASTHA (Delhi), APOLLO (Navi Mumbai) has emergency care and dentist on call. Access to World class emergency care, operation theatre, in-patient facility , Best Surgeons