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What is better for me – Dental Implants or Bridge?

A healthy toothy smile that exudes happiness and confidence is an asset to every person. However, it is quite common for many people to have flaws in their teeth due to various reasons. And when it comes to the restoration of missing teeth, the choice of dental implants vs. bridges can get quite dicey. Here’s a guide that can help you take an informed decision.

Treatments for missing teeth

An individual may lose a tooth due to injury or due to lack of dental care. Missing teeth mar the beauty of one’s smile. It is imperative that a dentist is consulted. He is likely to suggest dental implants or dental bridges.

Dental implants and bridges are necessary procedures to correct the problem of missing teeth. Dental Implants and bridges are the commonly adopted procedures that a dentist prefers to implement.

A careful examination of the location of the missing tooth is undertaken. The dentist decides the procedure to be adopted based on the severity of the condition of teeth. A missing tooth has to be replaced in such a way that it appears natural. An astute assessment of the damage is carried out and the procedure to be adopted is determined. Let us know more about dental implants and bridges.

What are dental implants?

Dental implant is placed to replace one or more missing teeth. This procedure protects other teeth too. In an implant, a titanium post is used like a root and on top of it a dental crown is placed. It is a surgical procedure. It is adjusted into the jawbone or beneath the jaw line. This enables the doctor to replace the missing tooth by placing a crown on top of the dental implant.

The advantage is that the implanted tooth does not come loose. Another plus point is it proves to be good for general oral health. This is because they are not attached to other teeth which may not be healthy.

There are two types of dental implants namely endosteal and subperiosteal.

Endosteal dental implants require two surgeries. The first surgery ensures that the bone is deep and wide enough to lay the foundation. A time gap is given so that the gum heals. The second surgery facilitates the connection of a post to the implant.

In the latter, a metal frame is fixed on the jaw bone under the gum. Posts are attached and the artificial tooth is mounted.

Implanted tooth requires little maintenance and is long lasting. The cleaning process is easy and flossing can be done without any problem. It requires a minor surgical intervention. It gives a permanent solution to the problem of a missing tooth. The implants are natural-looking and they facilitate complete functionality like chewing and grinding food.

Dental implants are a good investment because they are hassle-free post surgery. The dental crown comes in many shades and the right shade has to be matched perfectly with the shade of the natural teeth. The cost of the crown is additional.

Artificial tooth looks completely like normal teeth with good cosmetic outcomes in terms of smile.

What are dental bridges?

A bridge placement is a dental procedure wherein a dentist searches for healthy teeth to aid the replacement of a missing tooth. It is adopted in cases where the jawbone is damaged or a bone loss is seen.

The procedure for a dental bridge is easy and quick. This is comparatively a simple process. It requires three to four visits to the dental hospital. Once fixed, it is stable. There is no possibility of the tooth coming loose. Chewing is effortless. It is comparatively painless.

It is popular because it is a good method of replacement of missing teeth. Dental crowns are installed onto the natural teeth on either side of the gap. These crowns act as a bridge that firmly holds the artificial tooth in place.

The artificial tooth is not fixed to the jaw. No hole is drilled in the bone. There is no involvement of surgery. Dental bridging procedure is less painful and quite affordable. A thorough study of the condition of the bone health is done to decide whether to adopt the procedure of bridging or not. A dentist has at his disposal a variety of bridging methods.

The choice of opting for dental implants and crowns or bridging depends upon factors like condition of jawbone, long term consequences in terms of damage to adjacent teeth, and desired esthetic outcomes. One major factor is of course the cost of dental implants and the cost of bridge.

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