Why Tongue Cleaning Is So Important?

The tongue is the major part of mouth, it helps us in two main actions eating and speaker. Without this part, tasting different dishes in different place is impossible. Singing, calling someone, whistle, to chew something and swallow in all these actions tongue plays a vital role. We all know it is an integral part of our life but we won’t give much importance to it, as a private report says only 30% of overall population gives importance to tongue cleaning. Believe it or not tongue is an port for the millions of bacteria . This muscle man is actually made up of group of muscles with each one having a specific job to perform. For example the muscle under the tip helps to move food from the front of the mouth to the back where it can mix with saliva and break down into swallowing bits.


Why should I clean my tongue?

Many people are aware of bacteria in teeth but not most of them are aware of bacteria in tongue, as mentioned earlier tongue is the port for millions of bacteria .Tongue contains a hair like projections which traps bacteria within itself causes bad oral health. One of the worst oral disease caused by lack of tongue cleaning is bad breath , technically known as halitosis .





How do I know ,my tongue is not in a good condition?

Some tips that may help you to find out your tongue’s condition

1. Changes in appearance of tongue

2. Continuous tongue pain

3.White areas or defamation on the surface of your tongue.



How does tongue cleaning helps me?

Different ways the tongue cleaning helps

1.Controls Bacterial growth

2.Fights against bad breath

3.Improves your sense of tasting



How to clean my tongue?

There are two common ways to clean your tongue brushing and scraping. Brushing involves scrubbing your tongue from back to tip with a moistened toothbrush. You can do this most effectively while brushing your teeth by spitting out excess toothpaste after cleaning your teeth but before rinsing so that your mouth and toothbrush still have toothpaste residue on them. Then gently scrub your tongue, cheeks. If you’d like to go with a different or tongue cleaning method, try out cleaning-tongue tongue scraper.

These devices can be found inexpensively at most medical stores. They’re designed to glide along the surface of your tongue, taking off the tongue’s layer of mucus, as well as the bacteria and debris it traps. To use most effectively, place the scraper at the back of the tongue while sticking your tongue out and, with even pressure, slide the scraper down along the tongue’s surface towards the tip, Use the scraper in the far back of your mouth, and pull forward two to three times .Rinse the scraper and repeat the process, making sure to move from the back of the tongue to the tip so as to not to accidentally ingest the bacteria being removed.

Once the overall surface of the tongue has been scraped, thoroughly clean and dry the tongue scraper, and brush and floss your teeth as normal.

Expert says ” It doesn’t matter what time of day you clean your tongue, but to get into the habit of doing it once a day”, aim to use your tongue scraper right after brushing your teeth either in the morning or at night