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Apollo Dental Indraprastha New Delhi Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Saritha Vihar, Delhi Mathura Road, New Delhi-110076
Mon - Sat: 8.30 AM - 6.30 PM

Dental Clinic Gallery at Indraprastha

Dr. Neeraj Anand Verma - Dentist in

Dr. Neeraj Anand Verma

BDS, MDS, ADV.C. (Orthodontics), Dental Implants - Periodontics | Orthodontics | Dental Implants | Dental Surgery | Cosmetic Dentistry
38 years experience
Treatments: Crowns , Veneers , Laminates , Full Mouth Rehabilitation , All-on-4 , Smile Makeover

New Delhi & NCR - Greater Kailash
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Dr. Shivani Agarwal - Dentist in Greater Kailash, Indraprastha

Dr. Shivani Agarwal

BDS, MDS - Endodontics | Conservative Dentistry | Cosmetic Dentistry | Dental Implantology
17 years experience
Treatments: Pulp Diseases , Pulp Infections , Endodontic Therapy , Root Canal Treatment , Laser Root Canal Treatment , Smile Makeover , Smile Design , Teeth Whitening , Dental Implants

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Neeraj Singh - Dentist in Indraprastha

Dr. Neeraj Singh

BDS, MDS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery | Dental Surgery | Dental Implantology
24 years experience
Treatments: Dental Filling , Dentures

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Vidhur Kumar - Dentist in Indraprastha

Dr. Vidhur Kumar

BDS, MDS, PhD - Orthodontics | Dental Surgery | Dentofacial Orthopedics
18 years experience
Treatments: Braces , Clear Braces , Invisible Braces , Invisalign , Correction of Crooked Teeth , Corrective Jaw Surgery

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Vikrant Chaudhary - Dentist in Indraprastha

Dr. Vikrant Chaudhary

MDS- Periodontist

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Adosh Lall - Dentist in Indraprastha

Dr. Adosh Lall

BDS, MDS - Periodontics | Implantology | Dental Surgery
23 years experience
Treatments: Gum Graft Surgery , Gummy Smile Treatment , Periodontal Surgery , Dental Implants , Full Mouth Implants , All-on-4 , Scaling & Root Planing , Cosmetic Dentistry

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Ashish Kakar - Dentist in Indraprastha

Dr. Ashish Kakar

MDS - Prosthodontist

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Dr. Sanju Lall - Dentist in Indraprastha, Kailash Colony

Dr. Sanju Lall

BDS, MDS - Prosthodontics | Dental Surgery | Dental Implantology
23 years experience
Treatments: Dental Implants , Full Mouth Implants , All-on-4 , Jaw Disorders , Cosmetic Dentistry

New Delhi & NCR - Indraprastha
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dentists in Indraprastha available during weekends?
Yes, Most of the dental doctors avaialbe during weekends. You may give us a call to confirm.

2. How many sittings a Root Canal Treatment needs?
It will take 2 to 3 sittings to complete Root Canal Treatments. Single sitting Root Canal Treatment is best solution if you want it to be done in a sitting.

3. Is the Root Canal Treatment Painful?
It is not much painful to go through the Root Canal Treatment. You may opt in for Laser RCT, which is almost painless.

4. Which is the best dental clinic in Indraprastha for Root Canal Treatment?
Apollo White Dental Clinic is the best dental hospital with world class facilities and equipment.

5. Which is the best dental hospital in Indraprastha for Dental Implants?
Apollo White Dental is the best dental clinic with most experienced dental Implant specialists in Indraprastha.

6. Are dental implants painful?
Like any other dental procedure, discomforts during and after dental implant procedure will be experienced. However, proper Anaesthetic will prevent the pain during the procedure.

7. How long does dental implants procedure take?
This depends on the type of dental implant you are getting done like single tooth or multiple teeth replacement. Most dental implant procedures are relatively quick while the implant itself takes some time to heal and integrate with the jawbone in the gum line. This can take about 3 to 6 months of time after which the final procedure of crowning, bridging or dentures will be done.

8. How long will Dental Implants last?
Dental implants are supposed to last as long as natural teeth. However, good maintenance of oral hygiene and health is required for the implants to last a lifetime.

9. Where can I get Best Dental Implants & Braces in Indraprastha?
Apollo White Dental Indraprastha has the best dental Implantologists and braces specialists to get yoru implants and braces done.