Disease Finding, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan



Intra Oral Cameras

Examination using intraoral cameras to view the nooks and corners of the mouth under magnification to view what the naked eye cannot see.


Digital OPG

Full mouth x-ray in one shot – can show the bone structure, bone mineral density, and the diseases within the teeth, jaws. It also visualizes the sinuses, joints.

Digital Lateral Cephalogram

Side view of the skull to measure the angulation of the upper jaw and lower jaw bones and teeth in order to plan diagnose any disturbances from the normal


Digital X-ray of the tooth that can be viewed on the computer screen, shared and stored  and not on perishable films.

CT scan

Cone Beam CT

Less radiation CT of the skull. The machine is incorporated in the simple full mouth x-ray (OPG) machine – so the patient does not have to be subjected to the claustrophobic experience of the normal CT procedure. It is taken in minutes and the patient just needs to stand/ sit – so it gives the perfect view of the soft tissues. It helps the patient and the doctor visualize the jaw bones and the teeth 3 dimensionally. More accurate and detailed than a CT scan. The treatment for procedures like IMPLANTS can be virtually planned and executed meticulously without human error.



The visualization of the insides of the salivary gland through a very very thin fiber optic device. It can diagnose any blockages in the salivary gland (available in select centres)