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Apollo White Dental receives patients from various countries every year for numerous dental procedures. We are a preferred destination for dental tourism as we are known for providing sophisticated dental care at affordable prices and literally no waiting time!

We understand that people like you who seek affordable cosmetic dentistry or any other dental services need guidance in terms of medical services and assistance in terms of your travel plans to India.

Apollo White Dental provides end-to-end assistance right from your free pre-assessment (online doctor consultation), deciding on a dental procedure to your travel plans. For patients like you, we provide assistance to get a medical tourism visa to India, an accommodation that suits your tastes and budget, and options to tour places of interest in India.

Medical Tourism Visa in India

Government of India provides a specialized medical tourist visa to India for foreigners who seek medical treatment in India. The stay time for a person with medical tourist visa in India is determined by the time taken for the procedure and the recovery time.

On an average, the Government of India grants a period of one year for the medical tourist. However, this can be extended with the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

What you need to get a medical tourist visa in India
  • Medical documents, images, & prescriptions for verification by Indian Missions & Posts
  • Details of medical/procedural plans with advice of doctors in their country and doctors opted for in India
  • Passport with a validity of at least six months (with photocopy of passport)
  • Passport with validity of at least six months for the attendant
  • Proof of relation of attendant with patient
  • Photocopy of online visa application form
  • Proof of required funds for medical procedures
  • Proof of residential address

After providing these relevant documents, the procedure for obtaining a medical tourism visa to India is the same as any other tourist visa. However, the cost of medical tourism visa depends upon the country of origin.

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Stay in India

If you have planned your dental tourism visit to India, it is always better to plan your stay here so that you remain stress-free during treatment and recovery time.

Apollo White Dental International Customer Care Info helps you at every stage. Our trained customer care staff helps you find the perfect stay option in India!

A tourist has innumerable options to stay in India. Right from luxurious hotels to homes and private rooms, a medical tourist can opt for any type of accommodation to stay in India.

Since some dental procedures take more time than others, you can choose accommodation for you and your attendants based on your stay time, budget considerations, and personal tastes.

Apollo White Dental can provide you assistance in finding the right stay option from our local partners or other service providers. Our local partners assist you in finding the best hotels, stay options with local hosts, and the best restaurants.

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Travel in India – Tourism in India

After getting satisfactory results from your dental treatment, it is now time to explore the many wonders of India. There are absolutely innumerable things to do in India as a tourist!

Explore the rich heritage and ancient history; get a desert safari in Rajasthan or the Kutch, trek on the frozen river and the valley of flowers in the Himalayas or just laze on the sunny beaches of Goa!

Contact your international patient care staff to know more about dental vacation in India! Get in touch with our local partners for a memorable visit to India!

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