Dental Tourism India

Why Dental Tourism in India?

Are dental treatments robbing your finances? Are you avoiding your smile makeover due to high costs?

Here’s how you can get world-class dental treatments at only a fraction of what it costs in your country!

All about dental woes

Dental diseases are on the rise all over the world. Irrespective of the country, dental caries and periodontal diseases affect a majority of the population. These diseases affect both children and adults.

The result of this is dental decay at a very early age, progressive gum disease, and severe periodontitis. This leads to teeth loss at a younger age. Worse, poor dental health can affect the overall health of a person. Bad dental health is even associated with heart disease.

Oral health issues, misaligned teeth, loss of teeth, oral infection, tooth decay, and gum disease not only affects your physical health, it also has a deep psychological impact. Oral health is vital to your general wellbeing and of course your quality of life.

Even conditions like bad breath can seriously compromise relationships. People with teeth loss or misaligned teeth often have reduced confidence and may face social antagonism. However, a major hurdle to get dental treatments is the exorbitant cost where you end up burning a hole in your pockets.

World-class Dental Treatment Affordable with Dental Tourism in India

When even a visit to the dentist can cost you anywhere around $50 to $350 and a tooth extraction can cost around $75 to $400, with the risk of additional costs looming large, thinking of a dental procedure becomes a privilege. This is not just the case of USA. Many European countries, Australia, and New Zealand face the same issue of high healthcare costs.

When it comes to countries in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia, though people are willing to get quality dental treatments, they find it difficult to identify the right kind of facilities.

Dental Tourism in India

India is well known as a destination for medical tourism because of its modern hospital infrastructure, high quality medical services, skilled and experienced medical professionals, and affordable treatment costs.

An estimated 250,000 people from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries like Maldives, Nepal, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and African countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and others visit India every year. This number is growing by 22 to 25% annually.

These medical tourists come for medical procedures like CABG, cardiac surgery, knee replacement surgery, bone marrow transplants, brain surgeries, cancer treatments, kidney treatments, in vitro fertilization, and dental procedures.

Reasons why people prefer dental tourism in India according to dental tourists from various countries:

  1. World-class health care infrastructure
  2. Appropriate accreditation system for Indian hospitals
  3. Availability of expert surgeons
  4. Legal system to protect medical tourists
  5. Indian doctors are competent to diagnose and prescribe the exact treatment
  6. Well experienced doctors and surgeons with proven track record
  7. Indian hospital staff is efficient
  8. Minimum waiting time for treatment
  9. Affordable treatments
  10. Other costs minimal
  11. Affordable accommodation and adequate facilities for patient’s relatives
  12. Hospitals here help them get their medical visa

Dental tourism in India is certainly a cost effective alternative for you if you need to get dental treatments and surgeries. For a fraction of the cost of the treatment in your country, you can get your dental treatment and travel all the famous tourist destinations in India.

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