Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design (DSD) is a digital treatment planning tool that enhances diagnostic vision and improves predictability which helps to create beautiful smiles. With DSD you can plan treatment more effectively as a team, increase case acceptance and perform better treatments in a more efficient way.

What is a digital smile design?

With Digital Smile Design, dentist can head towards making a treatment plan that is remarkable to your dental needs. Generally the whole idea of digital smile design lays on the examination of your facial and dental extents and by joining high caliber advanced photos and recordings into an efficient computer software that provides the assessment and treatment plan that is novel to the particular case. With DSD the result is verifiable where you can artistically create your own smile.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

  • The DSD technique gives a thoroughly captivating, motivational and straightforward connection among you and your dental specialist, up-leveling and ensuring successful final treatment outcome.
  • You can pick your own smile design plan and your dental specialist will assist you by clarifying and giving you what is conceivable and what isn’t.
  • Predictable treatment outcome.

Process of digital smile design

The process involves taking scanned photos and videos using intra oral scanners which are imported into the DSD software. Using these data, mock up models are made and analyzed and treatment can be planned effectively to create unique and beautiful smiles.