Dentist Near Me in Bellandur, Sarjapur - Bengaluru

Dr. Radhika Mittal - Dentist in Bellandur, Sarjapur

Dr. Radhika Mittal

BDS-Resident Dental Surgeon

6 years experience

Bengaluru - Bellandur, Sarjapur
Mon to Sat: 9.00AM to 1PM & 5.00 PM to 8 PM

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  • Extensive knowledge of scaling, fillings (Composite, GIC, Miracle Mix, Amalgam), extraction(including pedodontic), crown cutting, root canal and check-up
  • Fabricated removable partial dentures and complete dentures
  • In-depth knowledge of oral and preventive care
  • Ability to serve patients effectively and efficiently
  • Hands-on skills of using Clinical Application Software, Excel sheets, and MS Word
  • Ability to single handedly manage operations of clinic including inventory management and procurement
  • Ability to maintain quality, safety and infection control standards