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Dr. Naveen Sivaraj

Treatments: Wisdom Teeth Removal , Teeth Extraction , Cosmetic Facial Surgery

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Dr. Naveen Sivaraj works as consultant oral and maxilla facial surgeon at Apollo Dental located in Chennai. He diagnoses and treats problems related to oral and maxillo facial regions. He performs surgeries and related procedures on hard and soft tissues of oral and facial regions to improve function and esthetics. He performs surgeries to prepare mouth for dental implant and denture placement.

Specialized skills
  1. Teeth extraction
  2. Wisdom tooth removal
  3. Extraction of impacted teeth
  4. Surgeries related to placement of denture implants
  5. Pre prosthetic surgery to provide better anatomy for the placement of denture prostheses
  6. Management of temporo mandibular joint disorders
  7. Various surgeries related to oral infection
  8. Management of traumatic injuries such as fractures of jaws and facial structures
  9. Management of cleft lip and palate
  10. Cosmetic treatment including corrective jaw surgeries and facial structures to improve facial appearance like orthognathic surgeries

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Dr. Naveen Sivaraj - Dentist in

Dr. Naveen Sivaraj

Chennai - RS Puram
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Cosmetic Dentist do ?
A Cosmetic Dentist can do Tooth whitening, Enamel tooth recontouring, Dental veneers, Dental Laminates, Gum Depigmentation, Gum Re-contouring, Orthognathic & other facial surgeries

What can a Periodontist do?
A Periodontist typically performs Gum disease treatments, Gingivectomy, Scaling & Root Planing, Flap Surgery, Curettage, Bone grafts, Splinting, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR), Cosmetic Gum Surgery, Papilla Reconstruction Procedure

What can an Endodontist do?
An Endodontist typically performs Root Canal Treatment , Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment, Laser Root Canal Treatment, Mutilated Teeth Treatment, Micro Endodontics, Invisible Fillings

Who is the Best Endodontist in RS Puram?
At Apollo White Dental Clinic in RS Puram, find the best Endodontists in RS Puram

What can a Orthodontist do?
An Orthodontist can perform fix Teeth alignments, crooked teeth, poorly aligned jaws. And also can do all types of braces like Invisible braces/clear braces, ceramic braces, metal braces, invisaligns.

Where can I find Best Orthodontists in RS Puram?
At Apollo White Dental RS Puram, we have well experienced and qualified Orthodontists
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manirajan mani
manirajan mani
11:45 06 Jan 19
The best dental clinic in Coimbatore!! A very experienced doctor with a Midas touch.. clean.. neat.. well trained assistants. State of the art equipments.. just an amazing experience altogether..
san josvi
san josvi
12:31 05 Jan 19
Great job!! It's been a great experience at this dental clinic. Staff and the doctors are very friendly . The procedures and the treatments are explained in detail. I do recommend this clinic to my friends and family. Thank you everyone.
Babuvz Babuvz
Babuvz Babuvz
14:57 05 Jan 19
Excellent service. Doctor explain the issues clearly and very approachable. Good and neat service. Clinic is very neat and i would surely recommend to my friends. Excellent professional service by all staff and team of apollo white dental
Ranjith Krish
Ranjith Krish
15:25 05 Jan 19
I have consulted Dr. Gayathri . I have treated well by her. treatment seems that most Experienced doctors only can do. my needs are fulfilled. I completed satisfied. very good treatment. very kindness people in Apollo white dental. I will give you to all 100% surety to go and consul this Hospital. Great Experience. Go Ahead..... I wish them All success in Future.
Mani Ab
Mani Ab
15:14 05 Jan 19
Very nice treatment.. all instruments used are of high quality.. neat and calm atmosphere. I strongly recommend to all..?
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