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Dr. Naveen Sivaraj works as consultant oral and maxilla facial surgeon at Apollo White Dental located in Chennai. He diagnoses and treats problems related to oral and maxillo facial regions. He performs surgeries and related procedures on hard and soft tissues of oral and facial regions to improve function and esthetics. He performs surgeries to prepare mouth for dental implant and denture placement.

Specialized skills
  1. Teeth extraction
  2. Wisdom tooth removal
  3. Extraction of impacted teeth
  4. Surgeries related to placement of denture implants
  5. Pre prosthetic surgery to provide better anatomy for the placement of denture prostheses
  6. Management of temporo mandibular joint disorders
  7. Various surgeries related to oral infection
  8. Management of traumatic injuries such as fractures of jaws and facial structures
  9. Management of cleft lip and palate
  10. Cosmetic treatment including corrective jaw surgeries and facial structures to improve facial appearance like orthognathic surgeries