Dr. Surabhi Kumari


2 years experience

Hyderabad - Kondapur ( View Location )

“Dr .Surabhi is a post graduate in pediatric and preventive dentistry.She is professionally...

“Dr .Surabhi is a post graduate in pediatric and preventive dentistry.She is professionally sound and enjoys treating children. As a pediatric dentist her expertise is to provide quality oral health care to children of every age group. She is trained to deal with all the problems associated with kids like a. Delayed eruption
b. Trauma to teeth due to fall or accidents
c. Nursing bottle caries
d. Early childhood caries
e. Abnormal oral habits
f. Irregularly erupted teeth
She is experienced in treating kids under nitrous oxide and oxygen inhalation sedation.She has presented a number of scientific posters and papers during her post graduation.”

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shilpa tella
shilpa tella
05:25 10 Jan 19
Excellent service and quick recovery and there approaching towards patient is good.exxllent kudos to krishnaa and doctor tushara
sri hari
sri hari
10:51 08 Dec 18
3 months back i was admitted here ..in a serious condition .i lost my all teeths and my upper jaw also broken ..thaks to sister krishna, doc isha suri and doc Sainyogita they had relly taken gud care and done my entire treatment succesfuly .. now i got all my teeth back ...and they make my smile even more beautiful.
karansingh Rajput
karansingh Rajput
05:35 25 Aug 18
Great care is taken by the doctors and nurse. Very polite and helpful. I have not met a better doctor
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