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Dr. Josephin Malarvizhy

16 years experience
Treatments:Dental Cavities , Tooth Decay , Gum Diseases , Tooth Filling , Dentures , Braces , Crowns , Dental Implants , Cosmetic Dentistry

Puducherry - Puducherry

Dr. Prasanna Kumar

9 years experience
Treatments:Pulp Diseases , Pulp Infections , Endodontic Therapy , Root Canal Treatment , Laser Root Canal Treatment


Puducherry - Puducherry


Dr. Balaji J works as consultant Prosthodontist at Apollo White Dental located in Puducherry. He is specialized in creating prosthesis to replace missing teeth and correct jaw deformities, his aim is to help patients restore normal oral functioning like chewing and speaking. His area of interest also extends to deliver excellent cosmetic work to improve facial esthetics of the patient.

Specialized skills
  1. Examine, diagnose and treatment of missing teeth
  2. Complete and partial removable dentures
  3. Crowns
  4. Fixed restoration like bridge
  5. Dental implant placement
  6. All on 4, 6 and 8 implant therapy
  7. Correcting facial defects with dento facial prosthesis
  8. Implant supported overdentures
  9. Extractions
  10. Cosmetic treatment like scaling, polishing, dental laminates and veneers, ceramic crowns and dento facial prosthesis.