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Dental Doctors in KK Nagar

Dr. Pavithra Thiruppathi

BDS, MDS - Periodontics | Dental Surgery
4 years experience
Treatments:Gum Graft Surgery , Gummy Smile Treatment , Periodontal Surgery , Dental Implants , Full Mouth Implants , All-on-4 , Scaling & Root Planing , Cosmetic Dentistry

Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. Vijay

MDS - Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Chennai - KK Nagar

Dr. S Sabarinathan

MDS - Prosthodontist & Implantologist


Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. Kishore Kumar P S

MDS - Orthodontist & Implantologist

Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. Kanaga Sabapathi

MDS - Orthodontist

Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. Varatharajan

MDS - Orthodontist

Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. G.Rohini

MDS - Periodontics

Madurai - KK Nagar

Dr. Surendar Ramamoorthi

MDS - Consultant Endodontist

Madurai - KK Nagar


Dr. Udhaya J works as a Pedodontist at Apollo white dental located at KK nagar, Madhurai. She is a friendly doctor and has excellent patient management skills. She attends all pediatric emergencies and has excellent problem solving skills. She renders preventive dental care to the children.

Specialized skills
  1. Examine primary and permanent set of teeth
  2. Check dental health and overall development of the child
  3. Scaling and polishing
  4. Diagnose and treat gum diseases in children
  5. Dental fillings
  6. Pulp therapy
  7. Preparation of tooth for placement of crown
  8. Extractions
  9. Manage dental emergencies
  10. Preventive dental therapy like pit and fissure sealants and anti-decay topical fluoride application
  11. Parent education and counseling about child’s oral health care